Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Emotional entanglements can be dangerous, they can impair rational thought and lead to outbursts of uncontrolled emotions. We must do what is needed, personal desires notwithstanding. Love can only obscure and confuse the matter. We don't want to be unkind, but we want to be factual. We don't want to hurt feelings, but we want to be academically correct in what we understand and know to be true.

Mid Lands 3#

Yukino_ Blog

A lush forest was covered in a thick mist. Moon casting a dim light on the narrow path ahead. Uncanny, indistinct sounds attempted to strike the heroine in the heart. Upon reaching the centre of the forest, a massive leafless tree came into view, an ominous silence hung over it. The young magician firmly approached the tree to examine it closely.

It used to be a sacred place dedicated to benevolent, wise beings that transformed into kindred spirits upon death. The scripture as to how to do it was lost centuries ago. People came here seeking enlightenment, precise guidance, but ever since the tree lost its foliage, the spirits started acting differently. Ever since the moment, those who dared to venture here, never returned home.

She cast a sidelong glance at some decomposed bodies and relatively fresh corpses near the tree. Veronica approached the apparent, dreadful crime scene in order to analyse the situation. Twisted limbs, broken ribs, no signs of perforation. A silver coin seemingly placed in each person's mouth presumably as a ritual, but by whom and for what purpose, it was all shrouded in mystery.

As she pursued her detailed investigation, the heroine carefully approached the tree to gaze upon its magnificence. It was an enormous oak, blackened, casting a long shadow over a remote military cemetery that predated all nearby villages.

Upon touching the trunk, a shrill voice menacingly greeted Veronica. "Thou shall answer one question if thee wishes to prevail." Young water-bender slowly backed away, but muddy plants and roots instantly emerged from earth wrapping her legs, chest and subsequently hands. Unable to move, Veronica nodded giving the tree a sign to initiate the riddle.

"Tall I am young, Short I am old, While with life I glow, Wind is my foe. What am I?" - a sharp voice asked.

After a careful consideration, Veronica hesitantly answered. "A candle"

"I... I am free. A potent witch trapped my soul in here. Thanks to you, I can depart in peace. I thank thee. The tree is dead and will never regain its vitality. I came here looking for power as you, but all I found was a fiendishly powerful witch that toyed with me and trapped me here. Flee now! Flee!" the spirit vanished into thin air serene and free.

Veronica composed herself and cleared her mind, but she had no intention to leave the forest. Being a water-bender she could have crunch plants, roots and the tree itself while she was immobilised, but had she done that, she would have destroyed the poor spirit as well.

It was high time to meet the nefarious witch.

Jedi Outcast II - fan-made

Yukino_ Blog 4 comments

This clip will simply take your breath away. I'd love to see a movie like this... I mean... to hell with the new trilogy. Let talented people turn EU into movies. Post a comment, share your feelings, please.

Mid Lands 2#

Yukino_ Blog

Another cold autumn night descended upon the Shady Lands. The moon casting a faint light on the path ahead. The leaves rustled in the gentle breeze. Her blue outfit stained with blood. She was walking down the path laid through marshy lands and narrow streams. A meadow up ahead and a small settlement beyond. She found an abandoned inn, such places used to be filled to the brim with travelers and traders. It was a cozy place for the exhausted guardian of the Mid Land. She had never lived in the lap of luxury, Lara cherished small things. She couldn't hold on to anything for long. All life forms belong to nature, all things pass, only to transform into another sort of energy. Mid night, it was time to fall asleep.

In her serene dream, the lush forest up ahead whispered and urged Lara to go back and never return, she could hear indistinct sounds and then silence.The door creaked on its hinges. Lara instantly woke up and noticed a little goblin, who was about to snatch Lara's supplies. She sprang to her feet and immobilized the goblin with an icy rope made of vapor in the air, a simple but efficient trick that had imprisoned numerous thieves in the past. She had mixed feelings about him, then Lara raised her right hand, an icy sword appeared out of thin air and she split the goblin down the middle, a stream of blood flowing through the cracked floor. It was time to visit the enchanted forest.

Her eyes shone with delight, the forest was fabulous. She'd never seen such a marvelous scene, every ounce of the terrain was magical. A blade of grass suddenly grasped Lara's legs, she fell to the ground with a thud. Vines and grass tried to bind her limbs, while other plants were intent on wrapping her body. Lara instantly drained out all the water in the plants, she just clenched her hands and the plants became crunchy. She picked up a dry twig and tossed it aside. As expected, the grass and nearby trees moved, almost as if the forest was alive. She carefully followed the path in an attempt to find the heart of the forest, a source of power.

Mid Lands -

Yukino_ Blog

I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.

A cold autumn night has descended upon the Shady Lands, an area where steep hills, lush forests and deep valleys are connected by narrow paths. Abandoned edifices, hovels, mineral mines, it's more of a labyrinth that has absorbed numerous souls and left countless stains of blood. Those who dare to tread those lands, always get more than they bargain for. It's a land of confusion and mystery that threatens to engulf numerous villages situated in the centre of those lands, it's commonly known as the Mid Land, and this is where my expected journey begins.

Chapter I - A path beyond.

The boundary, a magic spell that protected the villages from vicious animals and an enigmatic power, inevitably fades away due to lack of ingredients that can be found only on the far side of the Shady Lands. This protective shield surrounded our community for many years, clouding and confusing dark powers outside and limiting our vision at the same time, but the world ahead would soon be available again.

I knew this nightmarish day would come eventually. I warned my elders, 4 venerable magicians, but my remarks went unnoticed. Many subservient peasants were unaware of the impending doom. And then it happened, the spell broke, but there was only silence. As boundary became weak, it also became transparent. Everyone gathered in front of the rapidly fading boundary to see the path beyond for the first time in decades.

It was surprisingly a serene view, but I knew it wouldn't last long, a day perhaps.

It's time for me to introduce myself. My name is Veronica.

My elders always held me back and denied me my rightful place as a magician due to my gender. Females were never allowed to practice magic. Their feeble attempts to prevent me from learning new spells and black magic only hastened my progress. I used to be a normal person, just a docile peasant, at least that's what everybody else thought. Through determination and stealthy approach, I gained a tremendous power that prepared me for the path beyond.

Chapter II - A fading light.

A stream of pristine water glistened red as the sun was setting. Veronica immersed her hand in the flowing water feeling its natural properties. Veronica's vast knowledge of liquids and alchemy let her become an incredibly potent water-bender or as she called herself wet-peach. She knew the elemental and telekinetic magic, and her speciality was water. Nobody else knew how flexible and dangerous this substance was, even elders were hesitant while learning this element, they had never mastered it though. Veronica smirked and looked back over her shoulder at scared peasants and 4 powerful magicians nonetheless.

A crowd of petrified people started imploring an elder to use a protective spell, but there was no reply. The 3 other magicians were contemplating and whispering. All peasants had heard shivery stories of peole gone missing years ago, their limbless bodies and pierced corpses were supposedly found nearby a wooden altar, it's just a story, every myth contains a grain of truth though.

Suddenly, all magicians joined their hands and vanished into thin air. Utterly stunned people couldn't believe what just happened, those wise and helpful magicians left everyone behind.

Wet-Peach was aware of the fact that there were rare and unusually powerful spells, but she'd never seen such a dazzling light, it was a spell of tremendous magnitude. 4 mages, 4 elements. Even though Lara knew all 4 elements, she didn't know how to perform this spell.

A wooden door made a creaking noise, then a crashing silence fell upon defenceless people. All of a sudden, Lara and numerous people heard some loud growls up ahead. They noticed 4 black figures slowly approaching their position. At first all peasants sighed a relief, they thought the omni potent mages came back to rescue their people, but after a while they saw a massive and nasty surprise.

Chapter III - The gravity of the situation.

The petrified crowd was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea - a certain death on the battlefield or a narrow escape and an inevitable death later on.

A sharp sickle hacked off someone's hands, a steel hammer crushed another skull. Limbless bodies as in the old stories were scattered all over the place. Another pointless death, a sword pierced someone's stomach, somebody else was beaten to death.

Their adversaries had a brute power. Dark trolls, the hellish creatures that sow chaos and destruction, their mere size paralyzed countless fragile humans. One troll was enough, 9 more just for fun and pure pleasure. Initially, only 4 trolls threatened the entire community, then 6 more joined in to commence the attack. Goblins and wolfs tore other peasants to shreds.

All 5 magicians disappeared, one of them needed a distraction, she found her elders later on in a luxurious palace. Lara didn't hesitate, she joined them. As they combined their strength, gathered essential ingredients and found new cannon fodder, they created a new magic boundary that would last for decades.

Chapter IV - The Enemy within.

A large new settlement thrived under the rule of the 5 wise magicians. Crops were cultivated, new edifices were built, a new mineral mine was found, good times were ahead, that community would evolve. Peasants were no longer mistreated, the rule of law was restored. Democracy and moral laws were put into force. Lara had done an astonishing work transforming a fearful peasants into multi task warriors, so the past mistakes and bloodshed would never repeat. Codes, noble posture, intense training, military knowledge and so on. It was Lara's self-imposed mission to change the Mid-Land and Shady Lands later on.

The community needed a wise and astute leader, the election didn't last long, Lara became the new chief and her former elders were from then on in eclipse, they had to obey the rule and help to instruct and raise the army. They magically enhanced all armors and weapons.Lara's ulterior motive had always been a mystery, she knew how to conceal her intentions. The army swore an oath to protect her. Her magic powers had significatnly increased over the months. An immense power at her disposal, she could wipe out the whole army along with the 4 magicians, but she would not. There was something else on her mind, a power perhaps, yes.

One day certain ingredients and raw materials needed to sustain the magic boundary disappeared. The protective shield flickered and slowly faded away. The following night was silent, perhaps dark trolls and other vicious creatures were mobilizing a small task force. Our settlement was in danger, people had heard shivery stories of the massacre that took place 2 years ago nearby, but there was no fear in their eyes, only passion and flaming aversion to the enemy.
The next day, as the sun was setting, 4 black figures appeared on the horizon, the same foes that massacred the peasants many moons ago, the dark trolls and their pets.

Lara's guards were supposed to keep an eye on the 4 mages, but they could hardly contain their excitement preparing for the battle. History tends to repeat itslef, therefore our wise mages joined their hands for obvious reasons and when they were about to teleport to a sage zone, they were grasped by an invisible hand and brutally slammed into the muddy earth. Suddenly they were surrounded by a fast spinning circle of water that turned into ice soon afterwards. They tried to teleport again, but their hands cracked, an agony inhabbited the icy cage.

Lara carefully approached the cage and gazed upon the magicians. They implored her to stop, the whole army was looking at the cage, they were curious as to what would Lara do. Lara released them and walked away. The 4 magicians understood the irony, but it was too late.

As the trolls closed in for the kill, the human army surrounded the foes. Lara stepped into the circle and instantly cut apart all enemies with watery swords that appeared out of nowhere, although Lara knew it was vapor, just slightly changed into a deadly weapon. Their headless massive corpses fell to the ground and the earth quivered for a while.

The army kneeled before Lara recognizing her superiority, Lara didn't move, her eyes resting on faithful and loyal warriors. Her immense power would turn her into a dictator, but she didn't want that, she wanted to be a guardian of the Shady Lands, transform this area into a safe and happy world.

1 year later, the 4 magicians were banished, they managed to construct their own settlement on the edge of theMid Land. Both settlements traded in food supplies, raw materials and knowledge. They thrived and maintained cordial relations. The 4 magicians became potent enough to protect their settlement, eventually 2 of them move out to my community and offered protection, I agreed. Prosperity and peace would last many years in the Mid Land. The 4 mages became wise indeed.

Me? I couldn't become a permanent member of any society. My powers increased and there was no limit to what I could accomplish. I became the Guadian of the Mid Land. I enhanced the boundary spell and made it impenetrable, nobody can get in or out without my permission. But my quest was elsewhere, the Shady Lands needed to be purified and set free, my exploration was beneficial, but it's another story.


Yukino_ Blog

Welcome to my world... neither hell nor heaven.

Justice is denied, poverty is enforced, ignorance prevails, moral values are set aside. Arrogance and greed are contagious... affecting people of all age.

"I said my sword was a tool of justice. Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now... Now I'm not so sure. And besides, this isn't my sword."


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