I'm fairly new to modding, but I have been getting the hang of it bit by bit by myself. Though I still have quite a bit to learn and programs to collect before I make a worthwhile mod. I am a big Anime-type of guy, and am the author/artist to a manga called Praigaku.

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Hero ships

Yuichi Blog

Ok, as far as I can, I have edited heroes who have ships, to have the era ships that I want.

Thrawn - Imperator-class Star Destroyer (Chimera) - Dragon Destroyer
Piett - Imperator-class Star Destroyer (Admonitor) - Dragon Destroyer
IG-88 - IG-2000 - Sith Destroyer
Tyber Zann - Krayt Destroyer (Merciless) - Harrower-class Dreadnought

Changes have been made to the following -

Kedalbe-class Battlecruiser - was Strident-class Star Destroyer - Is now Galaxy-class Fleet Carrier
Krayt-class Destroyer - Centurion-class Battlecruiser

New Hero Unit - Chiren Guinn (Guinn Dynasty leader) Personal ship - Executor-class Super Star Destroyer (Because I do not have the Nemesis-class Super Star Destroyer)

Why the old ships?

Yuichi Blog

In my mod, it is pretty obvious that the Guinn Dynasty is using rather old ships. Why? Well, because I like those ships haha and the other reason is that the Guinn Dynasty leader, Chiren Guinn, is obsessed with history. He stole ancient designs from both the Empire and the Galactic Federation, and has been slowly building up his own fleet, consisting of the ships he deemed to be the most effective. The other two factions; the One Sith and the Galactic Triumvirate, will be using ships from around the end of the Legacy series; i.e Sith have Dragon Destroyer and Triumvirate have Imperious Star Destroyer and Scythe Cruiser.

Underway once again

Yuichi Blog

I uploaded a couple pics to show that the ROTGD mod is still being put together. I luckily happened across the Rogue Shadow, and decided to give it to IG-88, who, incidentally, will have his model replaced as well eventually. I hope to replace a majority of the hero models, if I find enough. I'm glad to be working on it again. And I changed the Consortium's color to red. I guess that's just my own personal preference.

Ok, I've decided that, for the sake of not confusing the Guinn Dynasty for the old Sith Empire, I'd make a few changes. Because the One Sith are a faction, having two factions that employ Sith relevant ships was unnecessary. So I've decided to go ahead and change up the Dynasty's available ships.


Sith Interceptor (Buildable)
Starviper (Spawn Only)
TIE Advanced (Buildable only on Coruscant)

Skipray Blastboat (Buildable - unchanged)

Trireme Corvette
Assassin Corvette

Terminous-class Destroyer (Replaces Interceptor IV)
Leviathan Interdictor (Replaces Vengeance-class Attack Platform)

Harrower-class Battlecruiser (Non-buildable - Zann's flagship (renamed Admiral Shi'chu))
Galaxy-class Star Carrier (Non-buildable - Urai's Flagship (renamed Commander Nurith))
Centurion-class Battlecruiser (Buildable - Replaces Krayt-class Destroyer)
Republic Dreadnaught (Buildable - Replaces Aggressor-class Battleship) THIS WILL APPEAR DURING THE MANDALORE CORRUPTION MISSION!!

So there's that. I also have swapped out the Disruptor Mercs with the Hondo Karr model. So you'll basically have a mob of black armored Mandalorians using Disruptor rifles and maybe Death Watch Mandalorians as the Grenadiers. Don't like that? Don't download when I finish. Since there are basically no land units open for use I had to decide to leave those, besides the soldiers, unchanged.

A New Hope

Yuichi Blog

HA!! Take THAT! I have succesfully (after several days of tweaking) re-registered the Empire at War and its expansion Forces of Corruption back onto my laptop. SO, that means my mod is back in business. Kind of sucks that I, once AGAIN, have to start editing the game to use the models I need, but its acceptable. I look forward to getting this game going again and I hope you guys anticipate its release, supposing my laptop doesn't freak out again.

Well, I am royally upset. I downloaded the Might of the Empire mod for EAW and what happened? My entire game system crashes and no longer recognizes the Empire at War game or its expansion, Forces of Corruption. My mod isn't dead though; once I have a new computer, I will start working on it again. In the meantime, I guess my mod is on hold. I am extremely upset that the mod I downloaded ruined my system and I advise that no one else download it.

Tyber's Flagship scale

Yuichi Blog

Looking at the ship in-game made me realize that maybe it is just a smidgen too big. So I'll be re-scaling the ship to be a bit smaller. After which it should move a bit easier. Tyber's ship has two abilities, invisibility and Piett's star destroyer super laser. I have to tweak the super laser because Tyber has to be practically on top of the target just to shoot at it.

Screenshots on the way

Yuichi Blog

Since restarting my mod, things are going a bit smoother, oddly enough haha So in regards to that, I will grab a few more screenshots of in-game battles and post them up here soon. I suppose letting you guys in on a few hints will finish up the 300 characters to post: Thrawn and Piet //soon to be Darth Terrik and Darth Ma'Aro, One Sith Admirals, who will have Dragon-class Battleships as their flagships, so watch out. Darth Vader and Palpatine are pretty much going to be the same with new names since I am unable to find a Darth Nihl and Darth Talon model to replace them.

Mod restarted

Yuichi Blog

Okay, since I didn't back up my edited files, I had to restart my mod. Not really a bad thing actually. All I have to do is re-add the models I used, which I, conveniently, keep on a flash drive instead of my laptop. So editing text again, sure not an issue. Adding back units? Bah, simple stuff. Especially given the little bit I have to actually do to do so. So the Rise of the Guinn Dynasty mod is not dead at all! In fact, I plan on completing this mod to the best of my ability.


Yuichi Blog

Well, it happened. I coded something wrong, or the game didn't like something else I did, because it doesn't work now. I have to restart my mod from scratch because I failed to back up my files. So, yeah. That sucks. BUT, I learned from it. So next time, I wont make the same mistake I made this time around.

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