***DOWNLOADABLE MAPS ARE LOCATED UNDER THE 'ADDON' TAB, ENJOY*** I am a C&C fan, successfully built and launched several popular maps online for Warcraft 3 in the past, and I plan to launch a ***Command & Conquer: Generals; Zero Hour; Rise of the Reds Expansion Modification*** specific Map pack that WILL NOT BE OFFICIAL TO RISE OF THE REDS... for now at least. The Map Pack will consist of over 50 unique maps [thus far and another 25-50 planned out]ranging from cliche team and free for all styles to comp-stomp challenges, to aquatic maps. All categories will be split up to allow choice in preferences. This project has been getting worked on since November 4th, 2012 and I am achieving progress quickly. This would be why I need testers. MESSAGE ME TO JOIN THE TEAM!

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Map Testers for C & C Generals ZH; Rise of the Reds [RotR] - Unofficial Map Pack

Xofolez Blog

Hi, I am looking for people to test my maps in both PVP and PVE. A fore warning to those who choose to help, I produce maps very quickly and they will not be officially fully detailed until all maps are built and tested as beta maps. It is then that professional textures on land and underwater as well as trees and more props will be added.

How do I know that I can be a helpful tester?

All you need are the following prerequisites self-checked and of coarse to message me for more information on here or the SWR forums [Xofolez].


-SOME free time for playing skirmishes
-an eye for detail and concepts
-open minded as well as opinionated - constructive criticism and sharing ideas/alternatives helps a lot
-Skype [for file sending and contact purposes
-Rise of the Reds Mod [if this is an issue, we can discuss an alternative]
-keep reading from here on down.

Other Helpful Assets You May Have

-understanding on how to at least move around the map in World Builder
-a network for PVP
-can play start to finish on a map with 7 other players whether AI or human

What I don't Want

-I dont want anyone who is just going to look at a map in the world builder and say it looks good, they need to be tested for balances and glitches, hence why i need testers
- the maps need to be kept confidential, I don't want to hear about how much I am not a detail Nazi from the detail Nazi's when I am a detail Nazi loaded with 50+ beta maps waiting for final touch ups.

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