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The Multiplayer Gaming Community right now.
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TF2 still beats Overwatch on the fun aspect for me, since in TF2 I can use my sprays, decal my **** with stuff that makes people want to kill theirselfs, it's broken as hell on some maps.
I dunno about Overwatch, if the game is pretty broken map wise and they are lazy to fix stuff, than I think I may try and buy it, because by far all I see is big ***** and shadman images of it. :p

In a side note, are you still too busy for seeing about the project? :P

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I Can't say much about Battleborn since I only got to Play the Beta for a Few Hours.

Being a Team Fortress 2 Player for 5 1/2 Years I'm Starting to think about Moving on from it, don't get me Wrong TF2 is a Good Game and Shows how Free 2 Play Games should be made even though it wasn't a F2P Game from the Beginning.

But the Latest Updates have kinda made the Game Unbalanced, alot of the Unlock Weapons are kinda useless in the Hands of a Player who can't Master the Use of them Quick and Avoid getting Killed while Learning the Ropes of using their New Weapons.

As for Overwatch, I ******* Loved it, a lot of People call it a TF2 Clone, but I think that's a Biased Comparison, Both Games have some Similarities (Both have Classes and Escort/Payload Gamemodes), Overwatch Nailed its Balance in Gameplay, like no Class (Or Heroes in Overwatch's Case) is Entirely Hopeless in Defending themselves or Taking on Tough Opponents, a Few of TF2's Classes like the Spy and Medic are Pretty Incapable of doing that, for Example: the Medic's Syringe Guns is Worse than Quakes Nailgun/Super Nailgun which weren't Bad Weapons mind you, and the Spy's Revolver was so Accurate that I kept Missing Shots...

BTW I only Played the Beta of Overwatch, but I still Enjoyed it and I'm going to Buy it soon.

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Pretty Much.

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