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- My Mod for Fallout: New Vegas (Phoenix Rising) is not dead.... its just got a slight blockage of the aorta, i have been busy over the past few weeks (months maybe?) dealing with a whole mess of things, school assessments, wedding in America, work or even just buying and playing all the awesome new games that have been coming out recently... stuff like that. So umm I will be getting back to work on the mod soon i'd like to release some test companions (probably one at the moment) and i'd also like to finish the areas as well. So Yeah

- All the cool games have to come out at the same time just to piss me off... DON'T THEY!?
Homefront, Crysis 2, Dynasty Warriors 7, Warriors: Legends Of Troy.. Not to mention the DLCs that just came out for other good games too : Dead Space: Severed, Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money and Assassins Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance.... Now ive played all the DLCs and they are very good however I am yet to play any of the actual games that I want.

Do you reckon this is enough for the minimal word limit?


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