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Battlefield V – Open Beta

EA have now announced their open beta for Battlefield V.

The open beta starts september 6, but there are a few ways to play two days early.

When Can You Start?
The Beta opens to the public on September 6 and runs for a limited time. So, tell your friends to wake you up when September begins.

Pre-load load starts on September 3, at 8:00 UTC.

How Do I Get in Early?
If you subscribe to either EA Access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier, or pre-order** a copy of #Battlefield V today on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, you’ll get early access to the Open Beta starting September 4.

What Multiplayer Maps and Modes Can I Play?
Players can jump into the up 64-player Conquest mode on the Rotterdam map, set in the embattled Holland city, or the Arctic Fjord map, set in icy Narvik, Norway. In Conquest, you must battle for control of key locations on a massive multiplayer map, using the new Fortifications, towable weaponry, and Squad Reinforcements system.

Two “days” of Grand Operations are also available to players in the Open Beta. In this modular narrative experience inspired by historical events, each day is represented by a round of play, and player actions have a direct impact on the next round. Up to 64 players can deploy in the Airborne and Breakthrough modes on the Arctic Fjord map.

Remember to constantly refresh the Battlefield News page this week for a more detailed rundown of everything in the Battlefield V Open Beta.

Check out the Battlefield Forums, follow on Twitter and Instagram, like on Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Source: Battlefied Website

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We are a news blog/website that publishes news and sometimes interviews from developers, mapmakers and modders for W:Enemy Territory, RTCW, ET:Legacy...

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