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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

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I am liking this mod very much and I chose the path of the sniper & I agree with a few of the others that it is under powered and that you do have to resort to assault weapons most of the time when you are in a fire fight and stealth isn't an option ... my current set-up is Snag's AK-74u and since you can place a large weapon in both slots it doesn't make much sense to use a pistol... unless you are forced to, so the second slot is a usually another assault weapon, faster to swap out weapon than to reload. It's weird that the VSS is not on your list of qualified sniper weapons IE; Tide that I purchased from Nimble...

I just had a thought, instead of of bolts to throw into anomalies why not spent shells ... because if you are going for realism than it would make more sense, c'mon an infinite supply of weightless bolts?!?
or even better like picking up a rock something off the ground...

I can't wait till 2.0 come out ... the item "soaked underwear" made me chuckle when I read it ... lot of great ideas

So what's the ETA on it?


Zone of Alienation mod

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