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Top 10 Symptoms of the Spy-Phobia

10. You keep hearing the Spy's voice in your head...and it drives you crazy!

9. You know that the Spy is real and that he could be ANYWHERE!

8. Whenever you are by yourself, you don't think that you are alone and you freak out whenever you hear random noises and/or movements because it could be the Spy coming after you.

7. Every time you listen to the Spy's theme ("Right Behind You") on your iPod, you instantly think that the Spy is in the same room as you...somewhere...ready to strike/kidnap/kill you (or all of the above: strike, kidnap, AND kill). (Whatever you do, don't listen to it when walking outside AT NIGHT!)

6. You're afraid go in any body of water (sewers, pool, beach, etc.), worried that the TentaSpy is going to get you.

5. You're extremely paranoid that your back is going to get stabbed.

4. You believe that the Spy is in some type of invisble cloak stalking you.

3. Every time you think of French stuff (or France itself), you automatically think of the Spy.

2. You keep blaming everything/everyone is actually the Spy. (It's better being safe than sorry)

1. You keep turning you around every five seconds to see if the Spy is really behind you.

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