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Report RSS Max Payne 3 Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone, hope your all well!
So, Like the title states the Max Payne 3 Giveaway ends tomorrow at 12 noon, GMT (UK Time).
Anyone who is still thinking about taking part, may want to jump across to our Giveaway video and Subscribe, Like the video, and Comment on which video they liked the best from our Max Payne 3 Playlist and why.

Link to the Giveaway Video:

For anyone who is unaware, the Giveaway is an International one, and the game is available on the platform of your choice, including Steam.
We also give out Region specific games, so you will get a copy specific for your Region, if that is your desire (be aware it will take longer for us to order in games that are anything other than Region 2).
You do not need to know what Region you live in specifically, we can sort that out with you. However, you must be old enough to play the game, to be able to take part in the Giveaway.

Best of luck to everyone!
The winner video will be uploaded at 9pm UK Time, and there will be a link to the video here on Desura, on our profile page. The link will be from Twitter, and will be on the lower right hand side of the screen. It will be the 1st link in the Twitter box.

Thanks for your time!
Talk to you later!
Tal @ Winning Media HD

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