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Hi folks, well we have come to the end of our current walkthrough.

DMC:(Devil May Cry 5), was somewhat surprising for us, we were not expecting
the game to be what it actually turned out to be. Despite this though, we have
to say that it was a very enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The story
was a re-boot, and looking at it objectively, from that stand point, it was an
engaging one. Whether you like the trendy new Dante or not, the story stands on
its own as an emotive and exciting tale of spiritual warfare and family
betrayal. The gameplay was extremely tight, except for the red demon/blue demon
scenarios, which had you flitting back and forth between weapons that you are
required to use in those instances, and therefore put a notch in the flow of
the battle sequences and points system. Not to mention the inability to manually
lock onto targets with firing weapons, which could be annoying and frustrating!

That aside we certainly did enjoyed the game overall, the story was emotive,
and the action was a constant hack'n'slash wonderland. Therefore we've decided
to give DMC a Winning Score of 7/10.
You can take part in our DMC Giveaway on youtube here:

So what's next for Winning Media HD?

We believe that those who view our content, and take part in our giveaways
should be the ones to decide that. Therefore it is only fair, that you get to
We will be doing a double playthrough of Max Payne 3 and Dishonored next, to keep the ball rolling so to speak. Following that you guys and gals can choose between:
*Far Cry 3 or *Assassin's Creed III
You can choose in the comment section here: decide. Thanks for the support. All the best!

~~~Winning Media HD~~~

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