I has got too much free time in my hand now. And I found that from time to time I like to use that time to shape my drawing skills.

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Ahh, it was a refreshing morning walk.
A dog barked at me violently/playfully. He had no leash and there was no fence between me and him/her but he was a smart one and knows his job description, thus he just barked at me and didn't in fact get off his owners land as he knew what he had to protect and no more. Good doggie.

I proceeded with my walk, heading into the countryside. Then as I was strolling down the road, not 100 meters in front of me a pair of deer crossed the road. Magic.

The sun came out and the weather was perfect, it was truly glorious morning. And then as I strolled down the forest road and passed by another farm, another dog, not so smart this time, came storming at me, with lots of barking and stuff, it was a big dog, angry dog!

I immediately stopped as the dog came up to me all agressive and furious and started circling me. My body, boosted by adrenaline told me: "Run!". But the knowledge that's often reminded to us that tells us not to run, no matter what, was deeply embed in my mind. As I am all mind over body, I stood still and and made myself look bigger as one must look non threatening to the angry beast but also a non-pushover who isn't worth the fight the beast is asking for.

Furious! Rawr!

And as the beast barked at me and looked like it's ready to charge, I started walking away from the beast. The beast made a few sudden movements, showing me that it's ready to leap forward as soon as I start running and I saw that and kept on walking away. The beast didn't follow and I got away unscathed, heart beating blood in my body, my muscles felt like they are ready for run or fight but my mind told the body to do neither and was truly right.

But then I was assaulted by a garbage truck. Racing down the forest road at incredible speeds of 300 miles per hour (exaggerated but it was seriously fast) . It raced through the teeny tiny puddle right next to me and showered me with dirt. Truly, the driver was fit for the machine. His driving is pure garbage.

I was furious!

The rest of the stroll wasn't that eventful.

True story, bro. I just returned from it.

Pictures are illustrative and from Google search.

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