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Now I figured since I'm into games anyways and at least active in forums at ModDB but don't do anything mod related myself (bit of a lie there, I actually do something really really small from time to time) I figured I should write smalls reviews on what I play lately be it mods or games. I think I start with 3 games and one mod I have played lately: Prince of Persia 08, Dead Space, Tomb Raider Underworld and Smashball.

I start with Prince of Persia 08 and I think I'll be brief.

Prince of Persia (2008)

Starting with showing off the cocky attitude of a new prince it actually takes longer to plunge you straight into action of running on walls and slaying horde of enemies (main reason you never fight a horde but one bad guy at a time). The story starts with nicely long introduction/tutorial part which is nicely melded with the rest of the story. A guy is lost in the sandstorm in middle of a desert and looking for his donkey, falls into a crack in earth. A girl chased by some anonymous guards who all look the same but sound different from each other (each guard had its own voice actor) plunges right into the arms of our protagonist. After a short chase scene where a guy runs after a girl (hey, it's probably same in every universe :D) and you learn how to wallrun correctly prince discovers that the girl has magical powers and is de facto a princess. And wears a name Elika. Also she has a papa who cuts a hole into the dimenions and releases a dark god who was trapped in a tree.

That god, called Ahriman, takes awfully lot of time to get out, so Elika decides she goes to stop the god from escaping and our prince who never says he's a prince nor mentions his name decides to help her. Starting with bitching about how rich he would be if he only could find his donkey and talking about carpets THIS thick prince shows his true nature: a joker. And that makes the game fun to play since he has a joke for every occasion. About gameplay: wallrunning is still mostly the same only you can now do impossibly long wallruns and all this climbing is much easier than in previous versions. And Elika is always there to save you whether you fall down if actually manage to fail at climbing or when some bad guy is about to cut you a bit shorter. Yes that's right, you cannot lose in this game. While it makes game extremely easy it also makes it more smooth to play, you never have to load the game again after deaths.

I really enjoyed the new Prince of Persia, I never got bored with it. And the ending was suprising and damn good but also made me bit sad because now I have to wait for another PoP to see what happens next. I just hope it won't be trilogy again, it get's boring over time.

So that's it, I really didn't know what I was going to say about it but at least I got it out. Also did you notice that I said "I'll be brief"? Looks like I wasn't brief... well in the spirit of that I say next review comes briefly. So don't expect it in a while.

Also about my last blog entry. I've almost gotten my driving license. I failed at the final driving exam but I feel quite positive about the next try which is next week. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Ooh, I see reviews tab up there where i can post reviews... oh the hell with that I won't publish these too publically. <- that word is red so I wrote it wrong somehow. Oh well, if I write my thoughts about Smashball I also will post it into Reviews.

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