I has got too much free time in my hand now. And I found that from time to time I like to use that time to shape my drawing skills.

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I found that now i have too much time in my hand and so far i haven't really used it for anything. it's always like that, you enjoy such freedom for a shortwhile but then you get bored and start using that for something else... like writing a blog entry, for which you were too lazy before but now found that at the moment there is not much else to do.

Besides that, around January I wanted to write about few games I played lately... well I didn't and so much time has passed, so I never will, at least that's how I decided.

Now I have other things to worry about since next month my final exams results will roll in and high school graduation will be held. The thing though is that maths exam I chose to do this time around was too hard for even math teachers who decided try it along with us. The exam was in two parts, with the first part being the "easy" one. Well, excercises in it were actually just under "too hard to complete" and super long and we had only 2 hours to finish the first part. I made the easiest excericise first and when i checked how much time it had taken me I was shocked because the easiest and shortest excercise had taken me 40 minutes to complete. And we had to do 5 of these... so... yeah, i worked as fast as I could, made silly mistakes which i had to to correct or some of which i decided i didnt have enough time to correct, so rest of excercises were only half done.
Even our best student managed to do only 4.

So there was a little break between first and second part and during that time we were discussing about that if the first "easy" part had been so hard, then what is the second part with HARD excercises going to be? Well we soon found out. The second part consists of 3 very hard excercises and we had 2 and half hours to finish it. It was horrible. I spent whole first hour blankly staring at the excercises until I finally managed to make two of them halfly, third one was too hard to try.

So, everyone are expecting low results and since univerities here accept under the basis on final exams, we think we are pretty screwed unless they decide to lower the scores needed this year.

Everyone seemed to agree that the guys who chose the excercises for math's final chose the excercises that even they couldn't complete just to see if anyone can finish those.


Just bad luck it seems. :(

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Whizzard Author

Yeah, life sucks sometimes, but this time totally at the wrong time.

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