I has got too much free time in my hand now. And I found that from time to time I like to use that time to shape my drawing skills.

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First movie I watched in 2010 was a horror movie. it was awesome. You know those Japanese horror movies where there's always a girl with long hair and pale skin as the ghost who kills all, crawls on walls and ceilings and shiet? We'll that was exactly it but better. The ghost did cool stuff like killing people in front of other people with everyone witnessing it (even though ghost was only visible through mirrors or cameras) like in TV show where a guy was trying to excorcise the ghost and ghost blew him through the air, crawled around the corner on a wall and then possessed her target and made her twist her own head off.

And in the end the last girl designated to die went to an abandoned hospital, because clues led her there... yeah, abandoned creepy hospital is always a wise choice where to go when you try to escape the ghost but the specific date and time when she was going to die was set so she chose to go to the ghosts lair. And boy some hilarious shit happened there. Like the ghost walking on ceiling for no apparent reason, twisting her own fingers in impossible angles without using external help and when the girl stopped running and cowered in fear in the corner the ghost started to slide jars with dead infants through the doors, really slowly and really many. And secretly without girl noticing the ghost slipped the last one right between the girls arms, now that was funny. XD

And then the Girl and the Hero found the corpse of the woman they thought was causing all those deaths (well afterall she had a cellphone in her hand and everyone died after recieving a SMS with date and time from her and shiet). And then they thought it was over... but then the corpse got up and started to beat up the Girl. A zombie, can you believe it? Rotting flesh (some of it even falling off, awesome!), slow limping and hands stretched out when near her target! A real zombie in a ghost movie. The hero did most obvious choice when facing a ghost: he grabbed the fire axe and struck the zombie in the chest, yeah, I know, against a zombie that doesn't work so well, he should have aimed for the neck. Anyhow after recovering from disappointment of not killing the zombie, the hero tried to run off with the Girl, but zombie blew em apart with telekinetic powers and went after the Girl. The zombie tried to strangle the Girl but the Girl killed the zombie with a hug and empty promises ("I'll stay with you here forever", she didn't of course).

And then they thought it was over... again. But the the hero found out they got the wrong ghost (oops) and went to save the Girl. But was too late... the Ghost had already possessed the Girl and stabbed the Hero when his guard was down. But the hero did impossible, he hacked the Ghost's memory and made the Ghost think he saved her life when she was dieing. And it worked.

Best creepy-girl-ghost-killing-people-after-phone-calls/messages/videotapes/etc movie ever!

Hmm, a good review I'd say.

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