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Amazing Paulsonothon

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In my early twenties I used to while away boring office hours by playing a little browser game called Bash the Haggis. It was entirely silly - you were a kilt-wearing Scotsman and had to swing your bat at a sky-falling haggis to send it soaring across the fluffy clouds; if you timed your strike (the skillful process of mouseclicking) just right, your haggis would nigh on take flight and glide for miles and miles. That's all there was to it - see haggis, bash haggis, get score. It wasn't so much entertaining as it was encouraging of a mindless desire to Beat Your Score.

Fortunately, nowadays we have smart devs like Detocroix making games like Amazing Paulsonothon, taking that score-beating psychological drive and mixing it with a quirky art style, deeper game play, and hats. Honestly, without the hats, this would be a 9.6 at best.

Seriously though, Amazing Paulsonothon is hours of mouse-clicky fun and more rewarding than Bash the Haggis could ever be. Also, it's cheap. So, y'know, get it.

Did I mention the hats?)

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