Im a Gamer and i like to hang out with my friends Likes: Gaming , going up town , other crap like that. Dislikes: Justin Bieber ( FAG ) , Rebecca Black ( BITCH ) and other singers who have a whiney voice :D My favorite game has to be Minecraft because its the first ever BEST sandbox game ive played and PC gaming RULES!!! Love the Fallout games , Fallout 3 and new vegas have to be my favs :D Favorite games : Fallout series , TES series , Star Wars games ( ONLY THE GOOD ONES ) Minecraft , Saints Row 3 , Dead Island , MAX PAYNE SERIES!!! , MASS EFFECT SERIES , Resident Evil Series , Zombie games , Amnesia ( Kinda ) , Assassins Creed Series , No more Room In Hell ( HL2 mod ) , Spiderman 2 , Ultimate Spiderman , The Amazing Spiderman , Marvel Ultimate Alliance , Kingdom Hearts Series , Batman Arkham Asylum and City , Transformers games , Dead Rising Series and much more XD

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