Hi, it's me - the Wanted Raccoon, who escaped from a kennel to revenge with my #1 enemy - humans. They cut down our forest, and built there houses to live by their own, dividing my family. So my main goal is finding my family that were captured and imprisoned by people. Yeah, it will be really difficult mission and long way through several locations and different obstacles that I must overcome at all cost! Thanks heaven that I can steal people's resources from their houses and collect it in my burrow;) You'll see what "gifts" i have for them... And I should acquire some new skills for getting my goal. Well there's no time to chat, it's time to act!

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We’ve never been so close to the demo release as now! There are little improvements left, and we hope that in next 1-2 weeks first players can play for our robber-Raccoon)

Meanwhile we add mobs to the game, finish interface and other necessary things.

Below you can see the video with the main menu of the game - color, font and design of the buttons will also be improved to make everything looks cool!

Main menu of the game - Indie DB

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