I've started to work on games when I was 9 years old with simple game concepts of Pokemon. Activily started working on games on my teen years. I've used Acknex 7 and 8 engine, Finnish CoolBasic, UnrealEngine2 and Unity3D which I'm using at the moment on my company Kinahmi Multimedia. Alongside game making I've also worked on Armed Assault modding, and Quake modding. On the other activities my hobbies include Boxing and running (plus intence dog picture watching with my girlfriend). My previosu work experience cosists G&A jobs, and one and half year service in Finnish Defence Forces.

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In this blog entry, my first blog post on public world ever by the way, I wish to talk a little about project management. Most of us know what it means and how it works on a paper at least but I wish to share my opinions how the management can be giving and frustrating at the same time. I don't currectly work as a project lead or any other role that would be project management, instead I work as a "CEO" of our group handling all the stuff that's above the management. I will talk more about pain and frustration on this blog entry and more about the good stuff next time.

The pain and frustration

Everyone gets frustrated but I think on a manager of project team you get more pain than anyone else. Why? Because the poop falls on your hair from schedules being late, and someone telling you that you need to do this and this. If that wouldn't be enough someone from your team is pushing more poop to your poophole because they want X thing today and are difficult. Alongside this you have your own problems at home that would need to be sorted. Phew. How to solve it?

Resolving the pain

On my experience in service and project management that you need one thing: nerves. No matter what happens you have to be polite and calm at the situation. None would benefit if you'd break on the sight. Keep calm. Breath to ten and go kick some pigeons if you happen to have a population on your back yard.

Second thing I should point out is that don't trap yourself in situation where no-one else is right. Most of the time the other people are right, or at least have a seed that can grow larger. And from those little seed plants can grow a fantastic idea that benefits not only your project but everthing on your team starting from atmoshpere ending at personal emotions.

However don't ever,ever forget that you have to call it if there seems to be no resolution. Imagine you find yourself in situation where everyone's arguing on a little thing that isn't really that important? You have the power to shut it and you should use it everytime you find yourself in a dead end. Start the discussion again after some time again if you see there could be benefit on solving the situation.

The balacing with work and life

Work with your friends? It can be difficult sometimes. I personally have days I hate it and could fire myself just so I wouldn't risk any relations to friends. Because when in charge you can't be anything else than the manager, leader or how else you want to call yourself. If your tasks include difficult situations like firing people it can be difficult even if you wouldn't have friends working under your lead. Try to balance it. Share me your know-how if you have figured it out. I'd be more than happy to hear your opinion on this subject.

The good stuff

The days your team work as charm are the days you should remember. Those are the days that help you get yourself through the hard times. Because let's face it we all have them on our personal lives and on management. The good stuff makes helps everything work as fluid and you get your team to flow mode. Personally those days are luckily more than the frustrating ones, luckily. I will talk about these more next time.

What is the most frustrating situation you've been in proejcts? How have you resolved it? What's the golden rule on working with friends?

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