I am the Darkness inside your mind, I am the grief and sorrow within your heart. I am souless and empty. I am the lack of. The lack of compassion, remorse, pity. Yet I am the loss, the regret, the broken heart. When a storm cries, I am it's tears. I am a contradiction. Creation flows through my veins. I am the artistic, the melancholy, the somber reminder of your mortal coil. When all is lost, and life has withered away to nothing more than dust, I will remain. I am...Vormaen. Artist, actor, anything man trying to help the modding community make sweet mindf**ks. Pm me if you need concept work done, I'm all eyes and ears.....literally.

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An absolute love letter to Tron. The levels are wonderfully designed, captivating and true to the universe it is encased in. To miss this mod is to miss what can be considered the apogee of fan made modifications. A true treat to the geek in all of us.

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