Hi! I love games and art and a million other things that I simply by categorizing as "art" (including games, really. But since this is gaming oriented I went ahead and said I like games opposed to my normal "I like art!"). I have a particular passion for music, photography, and film. However, my passsion for film is derived from it being combination of photography (albeit moving photography in most cases - not always! Go watch La jetée, a beautiful French film made in 1962 that uses only still photography and narration to tell it's story) - photography, music and storytelling. Which leads me to the sort of games I'm really in love with: games with focus on storytelling that use music and visual art to create an atmosphere appropriate to the story being told. Sometimes thiis means interaction is secondary. For instance, Heavy Rain is a great mainstream example. But the game that made me fall in love with gaming again was the flash game ...But That Was [Yesterday]. Oh, also Skyrim <3<3.

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VisibleDucts @ Commander

So has it been nearly two years since an update now? And the developer, according to his profile, hasn't been on Desura in a year.
Playcommander.com is a dead url. ephemeregames.com is a dead url, so I'm guessing his contact him jodi@ephemeregames.com is no probably dead. The only thing besides his Desura account and this game page that I can find that isn't a dead link, is his tumblr. Which doens't appear to have been updated in quite some time, either.

I find this upsetting. I love Commander, so yeah, partially becuase I would just love to see the finished PC version. But the real reason is that I supported a game - knowing that there was no guarentee it would be completed - but expecting the developer to respect his supporters enough to post an update saying the status of the game. If he posted saying unfortunately it was no longer in development, I wouldn't be angry, just a bit sad that it won't be finished - but I would have no regrets about backing it. But the developer has just vanished without caring enough to say anything to his supporters. That's why I regret supporting this game. Rather, this developer. I could have used that money to support a developer who would have cared about their fans as much as their fans cared about them. Respect.

And that it's still for sale as if in development..

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VisibleDucts @ Commander

That would be depressing. Not that I paid to fund it. I don't regret that. I just love this game. The XBLIG version and this version which right away showed a lot of interesting developments.

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VisibleDucts @ Through v1.4

I really like splitting things up into race and class!

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