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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

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Tested Savage 2 during its prime time and now again.
Great music, great graphics, fun gameplay.
For around 2 or 3 days. Then Savage 2 starts getting frustrating/boring:

1. It's too easy to become a good fighter while still being too dependent on team mates (skill ceiling isn't high enough to be a one man army).
2. Melee sucks, meaning: 80% of the gameplay sucks (30 clicks to get a kill, mash fest, random melee damage, overcomplicated combat mechanics (buffs, debuffs, delays, cooldowns and meters for everything, charge, dodge, block, run, jump attack), awful controls, annoying abilities, runners.
3. Ranged weapons suck too. Example: the lightening beam aiming delay is ridiculous! Lower the damage for gods sake but don't touch the ability to aim! Why did S2Games even implement FPS combat if they are so afraid of the skill ceiling scaring off newbs? Even FPS weapons being replaced with boring spell casting would be more enjoyable than this. With all due respect to Savage2's newb friendlyness, Melee and ranged damage are low to a point where it isn't even fun anymore.
4. Annoying scout runners
5. Lame Hellbourne farmers
6. Stalemates (total game killer)
7. Runes (lame persistent items that can be earned by experience or bought with real money)
8. Boring RTS mode (S2 lacks strategic depth, the gameplay is only tactical for the most parts. That's not of what RTS stands for. )
9. Lack of maps
10. Classes without customization
11. Unfriendly community ("if you succeed at killing me once more I will give you negative karma")
12. No competition (2 or 3 active clans)
13. Almost no populated servers

Savage 2 was some short fun worth the download. But it's not one of those games that I would play for weeks and months or even competitively. Main reason being all the pathetic limitations. Savage 2 simply doesn't feel bold and epic!

Btw: there are occasional random game crashes, irritating sound feedbacks and other bugs. But all that has no significance compared to point 1-13

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