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WARNING: If you don't like extreme amounts of negativity directed at the human race and its existence, then please avert your eyes from this blog post.

In my (negative) rant today, I go off on how people are such hypocrites. Specifically moral hypocrites. Now, before you say, "Well, doesn't that include yourself?" Yes, yes it does include myself. I very much hate the human race and despise it's existence...including my own. I cannot stand it when people act like complete bigots and then turn around to pull the same shit without noticing they just did it too. We're apparently too stupid to notice when we do something hypocritical. However, if we are smart enough to notice the connection, we just simply don't care and hope no one else caught on. So not just are we hypocrites, but moral hypocrites. We have all done this at some point or another. This is because, deep down, we are promoting solely our survival. Our needs and wants. Our selfish ways. But that's the thing that gets me. We act smarter and more moral than we actually are. I'll admit, what goes on in my mind...your mind...everyone's usually far more immoral and selfish than what we even do in real life. In reality, we only do care about ourselves, but we try to hide that fact by pretending we care about others beyond our family and friends. You only need to look at people like Amanda Todd to realize that people made a huge fuss out of her compared to other suicide victims. Family & friends exist as a normal exception because we bond with them; they become a part of us so to speak, but that only makes us feel horrible if they don't feel the same way and end up hurting us later on.

Ask yourself this: Do you truly care for EVERY living thing on this planet, including the things you have to eat everyday to survive? The answer is: No, we don't. As a species in this universe, we have to consume living matter in order to stay alive. Hmm...if I didn't know better it sounds like we are in a pretty fucked up universe full of zombies that need to eat each other to survive.

Now, a little FAQ before I move on:

Q. Why don't you just kill yourself if you hate this race? Because like any normal living thing, I want to live and enjoy my life because I may not get a 2nd chance. Once I make that choice to kill myself, it's over. I'd rather live a selfish life accepting my true nature and hating myself for it than ending it all with a gun blast.

A. Why are you so negative? Just about the human race, sweetie. Our situation is bleaker than how we like to picture it.

Q. Why do you think humans are so dumb even though we're the smartest 'animals' on the planet?

A. It's not that. Compared to animals, we are smart, but I get a little pissed off about it because humans could've been so much more. I pride myself on fantasy realities where people actually do care about fighting evil and standing for good. The thing is, we aren't really like that. We have to use excuses like religion to 'pretend' we are doing good. By converting people to our 'faith', we think we are saving them from eternal punishment. This is why I will never be able to see anything involving 'faith' to be a good thing. It's EXACTLY like threatening you with bad things to do good things. Why not just do good things BECAUSE you are a good person? Not because you're threatened to.

Q. Why do you want this race to 'burn' or end?

A. It will all end eventually, as everything does. Tell me, would you rather put the sick dog down before it has to suffer? It's going to die and there's no denying it. If you were in the dog's shoes, if you knew you were going to suffer the rest of your life because of old age/sickness, you'd WANT to be put down. Morally speaking, we should be put down...or at least get better, but that isn't happening from the looks of it. There's also a lot of people who, in my mind, cause society to not function properly. This is what makes politics so frustrating. People use it, like everything else to contribute to their own selfish desires.

Q. What do you think is the problem with this universe?

A. It's not really a problem; just the way it is. It's focus on balance is a problem for those who want to be truly good. Where there's an action, there's always a reaction. This makes it to where there is always this constant rebound of good and bad things happening. This will go on forever as long as it exists. So, basically put, the good guy doesn't always win. People die everyday. People do good things everyday. People do bad things everyday. Balance in action. REPEAT.

From what I see, you just can't look at the universe from a good/bad perspective without getting mad at it for catering to the other party.

Q. Ok, so...what's your opinion about god/gods in all of this?

A. I believe it's possible for there to be a god, but only under the circumstances that he isn't good or evil, but neutral, just like the universe. You see, if there truly was a 'good god', good would triumph in the end regardless. Take Celestia from MLP: FiM for example. She's a benevolent goddess ruling over a world in which there also exists flawed creations. The ponies, for example, can be bad a times, but because of her and her influence, it always ends good because she makes it that way. Compare that to RL where good/bad things happen regardless of what people do. A hero firefighter could've battled his way into a smoke-filled building to grab a toddler from a crib only to find the child has suffocated from the smoke seconds ago. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen.

If there was truly a god out there that had unlimited power, claimed to be good, and knew the future, do you REALLY think he'd let evil win once? No. Someone who is truly moral and just would create a world without evil. Without suffering. Like I said before, a truly benevolent god would be like Celestia, NOT like these religious gods of today that would punish you under threat of eternal damnation for simply not believing in them.


Guests strike again!. Now with 59% more religous hate mixed with hatred towards bronies and with accustations of bestiality towards nonexistant creatures/animals.

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Velancious Author

I got rid of their comments. The coast is clear now.

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