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The History of Ages

Mod review

Battles of the Third Age

Mod review - 14 agree - 3 disagree

There exists NO mod to this date that feels as complete, right down to sound effects etc. The game plays without a hitch, loads of effort has been put into individualising heroes (i.e. voices, relevant special powers, etc), a massive factor in making a seamless mod that is more often than not neglected (i.e. every hero from every faction that has a bow in many mods is manages to be JUST like Faramir in every way)

Factions all have their own advantages so no one is ridiculous in relation to another faction. Everything looks, plays, flows much better than pretty much any mod I've played for either of the 2.5 BFME games, and the only small criticism I have is the appearance of the Army of the Dead, but that goes for every version of the game that has ever had them.

10/10, and ridiculously thorough for a one man effort, hail!


BFME2: Arcade Edition

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

I downloaded this mod a very long time ago and never installed it because I assumed the gameplay would be ridiculous. Well, the gameplay is completely ridiculous, and it's actually both fun and potentially very challenging. The unit selection can't be faulted, because it actually has everyone coming out of every building, Balrogs shooting out of the ground, trolls, etc etc, high energy. Despite all the features, this one never lags or struggles, so that's a massive positive too!

The new/extra buildings are excellent, and the game is just loads of ridiculous fun, so I've decided to give it a 10. While it is extremely over the top, it's actually a lot better made than 99.9% of mods out there and the effort put in really shows. Do 'Freezing Rain' and 'Darkness' abilities really need to come from a troll drum? Does Sauron really need to summon 3 Balrogs at a time? Simple answer, yes, because the enemy will spam you endlessly with all kinds of strange powers too, so it's not one sided, it's a pretty well balanced game that is completely insane in every aspect.

Perfect score for a modder who has the most severe case of attention deficit disorder in history.



Battles of Gondor

Mod review

I don't like to give such poor scores to mods, but I also don't like playing poorly made mods. It strikes me as mind blowing to see low scores given to mods such as 'The Last Hope...', because this mod is as fundamentally unbalanced and ridiculous as any I've played.

'Southern Fiefdoms' faction is a complete joke - loads of extremely strong defensive capabilities (including long range ballista), and a special defense building with 3000 health that contains both ballista and archers. The ranger style bowmen should have just been given full map range, because it's close enough to being that ******* stupid anyway, and basic pike units can quickly raze a camp, so don't sip your drink.

In contrast to Rhun/Harad, it's beyond idiotic. No long range defense from the fortress, let alone a special building designed to only house ballista and archers. Rhun's elite units, like their heroes, are easily taken down by archers with ridiculous range.

It's not that this mod is hard to win, it's that it suffers every pitfall of the original game and more. There's no point spending your time reskinning units and making new units when the entire game is dedicated to a combination of rush tactics and defending structures that fall in a few seconds, whether your fortress has no fire arrows or a full set of them.

As such, it has absolutely no feeling of being a game set in Middle Earth.

Typical build/rush mod with little consideration for anything, and an in my most humble opinion, obvious factional preference comes through.

I would only retract this vote if a new version came out that addressed all of the above issues, because the frightening southern and eastern lands of Middle Earth are badly represented here and the mod plays like ****.


Wars of the East

Mod review

Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King

Game review - 7 agree



Return of Shadow

Mod review

The Ridder Clan Mod

Mod review - 3 agree

Great mod, will get a solid 10 when the evil men faction is finished, but completely on the way to greatness.


The Last Hope of the Third Age

Mod review - 1 agree - 6 disagree

Hail Rhun


From Book to Game

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