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Why I think indie is the future.

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Hello. This is my first time doing a blog entree that wasn't directly linked to one of my games so bear with me if I'm doing this wrong. Now let's get down to business.

Indie. To some of us it's just another word that's short for independent. Others will see it as a genre. But to me, I see it as a dream. The ability to bring my imagination to life and to fully express myself as a person. It's an opportunity to let the kid in me finally see the game that I've always wanted come to life.

Looking at other people's indie games helps to see the mindset of the creators, and to kind of see who they are as a person without really knowing them. Seeing a game with a rich story and characters so rich that they seem real gives insight that the creators have a passion for art and have a story to tell. Creators of a game that successfully pull of jokes so good that you tell your friends show that the creators like to goof off and know quality jokes when they hear one.

With AAA games each person working on a title doesn't have the same creative influence as people working on an indie game. Indie dev's usually don't consist of many people which leads to each creator, each artist, and each programmer, all hold a major influence on the game they are making. Even if someone's just working on a game just for the money they still hold an influence in some way.

With creativity holding greater influence in each person working on the game, I feel that indie games are the future of gaming. Even with AAA games having larger budgets and pre-existing audience's, indie games, for me, will always be the best games. For every AAA game that I have truly enjoyed there are 2 other indies that I enjoy a lot more.

That's all I have to say for now.
This has been Uwould222, good night and good luck.

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