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Hello everyone, you may remember me from the mod Full Invasion 2. I started as a bug tester and worked my way up to a lead position on the mod.

Full Invasion 2 has reached new heights, and that is not because of me. The old developers are still around, but it would be a mistake to say that this mod is succeeding only because of us. Many people still look to me as the official word of Full Invasion 2, which is why I'm here to clear some things up. I am still around, but I am not the one spearheading this mod's development.

I have assumed the lead role multiple times in the past, but now that is finally over. Until further notice, I will be a supervisor developer for Full Invasion 2 (FI2). I'm happy to be able to bug test again for the highly-anticpated release of Amber, back to where I started out.

Full Invasion 2's success can be credited to the new, hard-working team that is at the helm of the ship. It was a mistake to not clarify this sooner, as it has lead to some problems in the past few months. Wave 53 Studios, a group of developers headed by TrotsTwats and Borridian, are striving to make Full Invasion 2 the best it possible can be. As you can see from Amber's beta, they're doing a good job so far. It's said that the show must go on, and I trust that Wave 53 Studios will do the mod well in the future. As I have had the torch passed to me, it is time to pass that same torch on to them.

I am still sticking around, but it will mostly be a behind-the-scenes role. You'll find me around the TaleWorlds Board for FI2 and on the Steam Group, undusting them and helping people out the best I can. On top of that, I'll be helping guide the mod in the right direction and make sure it keeps staying awesome.

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