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Command and Conquer:Condition Zero

Early access mod review - 4 agree

Nice mod though at this stage there are some bugs and balance as well as AI need to fix. hope the dev continue to work on this great mod.


C&C: Tiberian Sun

Game review

I love all the CnC games! :D

This game is really good, it has a very interesting single play mission for both nod and GDI, the expansion is also really cool with. The down side is in skirmish mode there are a lot of OP units.



Mod review

C&C3: Tiberium Wars

Game review

great game fun experience. a worthy addition to CNC univers. tho no as colorful as CNC2 in term of single player experience, but it focused more on gameplay is definitely a plus.


Saints Row: The Third

Game review - 1 agree

great game, a lot better than the first 2. in fact it's so cool you play all the other popular game titles all in this one game. the only thing this game missing is robot,vampire,demon,and alien. But they took cared all that with Saint row the 4 So it's all good!


Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Game review - 1 agree

Great game. But i feel something are so redundant and hamper the game play like INFANTRY AMMO. It's so dumb that they ran out of ammo and just stood there.


ARMA 2: Combined Operations

Game review - 1 disagree

Well the game is not very noob friendly and quite boring, if you aren't a hardcore military sim enthusiast. You spend a lot of time just walking and then get sniped by some veteran players who know some good places on the map to hide and shoot, then you repeat the process again.


Tropico 3

Game review

The game is great you get to build you own little island nation from a backward farming based economy to full industrialized economy. Would recommend picking up the Tropico 4 cuz it's essentially the same game but with a lot improvements.


C&C Generals Zero Hour: Enhanced

Early access mod review - 1 disagree

I would have given this mod a higher score if it actually work.
The mod crashes after 2 to 5 min in game making it impossible to play and the readme is of no help to fix this problem. Tried everything he suggested and nothing worked.
I have installed many other mods before and this is the only mod that i have problem with.
I hope he fix this someday.


Rise of the Reds

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

I liked it in the beginning but now i don't like it as much anymore.
1. Models in here aren't that great compare to Contra or Untitled. i compare with them and not mod like Modern warfare or other "realistic" mod is because they all have similar aesthetic and RotR have absolute worse of them all in term of quality, there are a few good vehicle models in here but most of them just feel rushed.
2. Factions, there are reasons why RTS have maximum of three factions, to prevent faction to be overly similar with each other, Think Orc and Human faction in WarCraft3 and that's the problem here in RoTR Russia and China in there core are the same tactic that is brute force and fire power Russian stuffs are just more expensive than the Chinese.
Then there is ECA and USA, both are high tech faction, but the catch is basically reduced american's power to defend and made it into a offensive focused faction while ECA are more good at defense.
they basically nerf bunch of aspects from the original American and Chinese to make the new factions stand out.. They would have being good sub factions to USA and China but on there own just doesn't stand very well.

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