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Amnesia - The Chosen Ones

Mod review - 1 agree

Thanks for this creation,
design-wise it was better than Orion. No big mistakes in scripting or object placement, generally a good mod. Liked the setting, kind of like Machine for pigs.
The puzzles... Hmmmm. This is what kills the mood, if you do not know exactly what to do, you will just run around endlessly, just like in any other mod since 2010. Puzzles are a fine thing but hunting for keys, hidden buttons and levers is something Im completely tired of in this engine, sorry.


Amnesia - Orion [Chapter 1]

Mod review - 2 agree

Hard to rate this, really.

The mod itself is not bad, just there is huge space for improvements.

Does it look good? Yes, and there is not much mistakes, I think I saw one hole in a wall and one clipping texture but overally the mapping is no problem at all.

Does it play good? Well it was very hard for me to enjoy this actually. Some puzzles required looking literally everywhere and without oil Im just blind...

Overally it is a decent mod with good lighting effects, details and many objects to examine, also in the cellar part it gets quite ominous... Just if the gameplay was better... The mod is simply not "my cup of tea" to be honest.


Lonely Christmas Teil I

Mod review


First thing to say, the lighting effects and overall level design is good. Work input visible, fun minigames, quite enough creativity.
Thats all good, there was art and there were things to praise.

Now the rest: Gameplay was lacking in so many ways that it made it boring more than once. You have to look everywhere, otherwise you get nowhere. There were very few monster encounters but the slime chase scene was brilliant.

This is solid 7/10 but would be much better if the gameplay was not so boring. I literally wanted to quit in the middle as the progress was very, very repetitive.


Lantern Racers

Mod review - 1 agree

- Great idea
- Entertaining
- Level design and effects

- Lags
(if you do not own a NASA PC, you will suffer framedrops no matter what settings you use)


Insanity: Nocturnal Confusion

Mod review

For the first mod from the creator it is indeed very good! The mod has complexity and variable environments, you can go outside, smart mechanics and jumpscares.
At some points you can feel a little lost but overally it is good and is a fun experience.


Amnesia Minesweeper

Mod review

Good job Spelos,

I am not sure how did you achieve the scripting of placing the "mines" randomly but this is well done. Also well protected from cheating because I tried to cheat and press as many fields as possible and I only led myself to certain death.

Also just the fact that the jumpscare and monster appearance is kind of random and he always spawns right next to you is a good feature. Good concept, awesome idea, even though its short but replayable which many mods arent!


A Late Night Drink: The Last Sip

Mod review - 1 agree

It came way later than expected, that is for sure. The creator is good, I know it, he knows it, everybody should know it. That is all, I guess questioning few imperfections here and there is beside the point. I wonder
what to expect next. Cheers.


Amnesia: 6th Anniversary

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Do not take this as an universal truth, I did not explore everything this has, there is a chance I missed some things.

It is an honor I participated too besides these people, I cannot say I liked everything and everywhere but as a result it is very good. I like the variety of features this project offers.

Daniel 47 and Peter P showed the beauty of Amnesia puzzles,
Spelos proved that this community can write good stories,
Daemian, otherwise very innovative author provided somehow traditional way to make tribute to this game,
Frictional daily extended one well known map and added some interesting reading,
AuroraGuinnevrePrice gave all honor to fun mods we have been recieving the past years, and by humor I mean twisted way of humor.
KiraImmortal has shown the otherwoldly creativity that some people of this community were giving us in the past, and showed me that even an experienced player may die and wander around for long time before finding a solution :)
And finally my part, I just did what I always did with my mods, do what ever I want :). except this time I didnt have much time so my part is probably not very impressive, still I hope it was enough to surprise and confuse people :)

I was hoping more people participate but it was nice. Peace! :) Lets do it again next year, or maybe another year, shall we?


Amnesia: Silent Hallways - Chapter 3

Mod review

Once again, not bad but still could be better. Some of the events and noises were good, some areas were interesting. Still, if there will ever be 4th part, I recommend trying harder. Most of the events in all 3 parts were kind of predictable and too many events were triggered by picking up a key. That is all.


Amnesia: Silent Hallways - Chapter 2

Mod review

Hard to judge but it was good.

+ at least some customization
+ not too boring
+ some custom sounds and well thought events
+ slightly better than the first one

- some texture glitches and minor details
- too many poofers and the poofers were were too predictable
- the custom enemy in the later map was not moving
- rather short

Just with some work this could have been much better than it was. It was lacking something. But not bad.

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