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Half-Life 2

New Spatial Fear Interview

Spatial Fear 1 comment

Since the Release of Half-Life 2, the leader of the Spatial Fear mod for HL2 resigned as leader and has given leadership to another. I take the privalege...

Doom III


Pathways Redux 8 comments

Pathways Redux is finished and has been released. Pathways Into Darkness was released by Bungie Software in August 1993. It was billed as "a new adventure...

Doom III

Halt Production

The Resistance

We are holding production and putting our full productive skills to Periculum, our HL2 mod. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will continue production again...

Half-Life 2

Spatial Fear Interview

Spatial Fear

Just 2 years ago, Spatial Fear: Prologue was one of the best Single Player experiences for Unreal Tournament. Though the mod itself was only a tidbit...


ModDB Interview

Natural Selection: Hivemind AI

Recently I had the privledge to sit down & interview Karl, the creator of HiveMind the Metamod Plugin for Natural Selection. This is one impressive plugin...

Doom III

Last Chance to Move

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Since we changed names we will be deleting this mod profile. This will be the last chance before it will be deleted. Please visit the new mod profile...

Doom III

Name Change again

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Please modwatch to this mod profile now. Sorry for the inconvience.

Doom III

Name Change

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Anyone originally modwatching Doom 3: Hell on Earth, please make way to the new named mod profile, Click here! The new name will be "Time to Kill&quot...

ATi HL2 Voucher Owners To Receive Bronze Package

News 11 comments

PlanetHalfLife just got word from Dave White (the big cahuna at IGN/GameSpy) that comes straight from Andy Burnes at ATi: "The ATI key holders will...

Doom III

Hell on Earth demo countdown!!!

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Just to get everyone excited and ready, the Hell on Earth mod, again not mistakened with the D3: Hell on Earth, will be releasing the first ever Total...

Doom III

Simulated Operating System

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

...... And you thought the Hell on Earth mod will be a simple Doom 3 Expansion. Think again. As we speak our coders and GUI specialists are creating a...

Doom III

Official Hell on Earth News

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Lately we have been in a giant heep getting ready for an experiment with Doom 3. We will be trying to figure out a possible way to get hords of monsters...

Doom III

Hell on Earth: Journal 1

Doom 3: Hell on Earth

Since we all want powerful weapons that either reload fast or don't reload at all. That means, FAST INTENSE GAMEPLAY!!! Anyways, i would like to let people...

modDB Storyboard Contest!!!


RULES Ubersoldat is running a comp, to convert any storyboard you make, into a 3D movie! This is a great chance for mod teams looking for a intro / promo...

Four Great Projects Released

News 5 comments

Brendan over at Blended has simultaneously released four game mods that he's been working on for quite some time: Bugstompers: places you in the role...

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