I'm an avid gamer, not quite like I used to be. I don't play the 'latest and greatest' games because they no longer interest me and are the same thing over and over again. (that gets boring, very fast) I don't play anything, I'm no fan of RPG or RTS-type games (however, exceptions are there). I use to play plenty of FPS games until it got boring with either me getting kicked for being 'too good' or just the fact they keep reusing ideas and not being original. I'm also a Wii owner, have a few games on there with more to come. Again, I'm no hardcore gamer unlike certain people I know, so I know how to handle my gaming habits.

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I got farther with the Dogfight news post and all that, but it still lacks info that its missing. I'll get TJ to help me out some if N1 and I can bug him enough to get on for once... Far as the actual content is done, I got most of it in, I got the vehicles, a bit of the menus, and all that. I may probably go into detail on a few maps, even though it wasn't quite the initial intention. I'll leave other maps as a surprise when and if more are made. So, I guess I could say I'm about 57% done with the post, so yeah, still some stuff left to put in and all that.. fun stuff.

In other news, I might be able to get a new video up later this week. But, don't hold me to it because I'm gonna be slightly busy off and on most likely for some personal reasons. There's also some stuff that happened that might need a bit of attention with, but depends on how things turn out Monday.

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