I'm an avid gamer, not quite like I used to be. I don't play the 'latest and greatest' games because they no longer interest me and are the same thing over and over again. (that gets boring, very fast) I don't play anything, I'm no fan of RPG or RTS-type games (however, exceptions are there). I use to play plenty of FPS games until it got boring with either me getting kicked for being 'too good' or just the fact they keep reusing ideas and not being original. I'm also a Wii owner, have a few games on there with more to come. Again, I'm no hardcore gamer unlike certain people I know, so I know how to handle my gaming habits.

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Nope.. not forgotten, just stuff happening lately. I've been having to fiddle around with my desktop and laptop a bit recently and other things to take care of. Plus, been taking a bit of a break from gaming too much. (even I know when to quit sometimes...)

There really isn't much that I've done in the past couple months. With the start of summer, I'll probably be on and off because I really hate the heat and I don't like being hot in hot weather. Yes the AC works, but most of the time I'm using fans and those just barely help at all.. >.> I blame my mom for the AC bit. Apparently our tolerance is at opposite ends of the scale. XD She thinks its right when I'm burning up, but complains that its cold when I mess with the thermostat. Go figure?

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