I'm an avid gamer, not quite like I used to be. I don't play the 'latest and greatest' games because they no longer interest me and are the same thing over and over again. (that gets boring, very fast) I don't play anything, I'm no fan of RPG or RTS-type games (however, exceptions are there). I use to play plenty of FPS games until it got boring with either me getting kicked for being 'too good' or just the fact they keep reusing ideas and not being original. I'm also a Wii owner, have a few games on there with more to come. Again, I'm no hardcore gamer unlike certain people I know, so I know how to handle my gaming habits.

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Little known fact, I do review games here and there. Actually, I post these on GameSpot, but I have plans of posting elsewhere that allow user-reviews for games.

I review games just to give my own personal side of things, but of course, opinions differ, so I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I plan to re-visit a couple earlier reviews I did and see about improving on them. If y'all want to see my reviews, you can click here. If it wasn't apparent, yes, Ryan is my first name and no, you will not know my last name. That is private info.

Metroid: Other M was my latest review, my first two reviews aren't that great and I hope to improve them at some point. I also intend on reviewing some other games here and there as I play them. I'll probably use my ModDB profile for gaming rants or something if I need to, or whatever. I'll find a better use eventually. Unless y'all have some suggestions for me, then that works too.

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