I'm an avid gamer, not quite like I used to be. I don't play the 'latest and greatest' games because they no longer interest me and are the same thing over and over again. (that gets boring, very fast) I don't play anything, I'm no fan of RPG or RTS-type games (however, exceptions are there). I use to play plenty of FPS games until it got boring with either me getting kicked for being 'too good' or just the fact they keep reusing ideas and not being original. I'm also a Wii owner, have a few games on there with more to come. Again, I'm no hardcore gamer unlike certain people I know, so I know how to handle my gaming habits.

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So the past week or so have been extremely busy.. Had to help a friend's friend fix her computer by telling her exactly what to do and such, took the better part of 30 hours to fix, but got it taken care of. Fake anti-virus software are a pain to get rid of...

Then that same friend (not the girl =P) came to me about some stupidly simple reason since he can't seem to figure out that his speakers are always muted which is the reason why you won't hear crap come out from the microphone. XP Seriously, not that hard to look in the volume control, be it Windows or Linux. XD

Then now, I'm having to fix yet another computer that had fake anti-virus software on it. Though, this computer apparently had other stuff on it as well, which was preventing core Windows files from running at all (Ex: rundll32.exe, regedit, msconfig... even dxdiag). This was a pain because I couldn't run any program at all, not even an installation file for a more updated anti-virus or something. I just couldn't run a single thing on that system... So, I basically had to just format the entire thing after doing a scan with a bootable anti-virus.

So yeah, that's why I haven't done much as of late. I do a little bit of fixing around with computers and such when friends ask or something, and I'm just exhausted from doing it at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow (from this post in particular) should be fine once I do some last things and get everything set up. I'll do some more work on the Dogfight news post I've been working on, because some updates require me to change a few things, and I want to make sure that by the time the post is ready, everything should be ready for Dogfight mode itself.

Let's just say, I've got some things in mind now, just a matter of typing it all up and changing things and it all should be good to go once I get some final checks done and such.

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