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The Battlefront Project

Mod review - 3 agree

First I want to go ahead and state that this is a pretty well done Era Mod. Now the first time downloading and trying this you will notice additional sides for all defualt SWBF2 maps.

-New first person persepectives for the tuan tuan on hoth and speeder bikes. This makes for an exciting first person view, something I think is new and a great addition for those vehicles.
-you get extra classes for both the clone wars era and Galatic civil war era. What I like about these classes is that they weren't lazy reskins of characters, each has differnt stats and weapons unique to that class.
-Droids dont use bacta for health, instead most droid classes and some technician clases have fusion cutter/repair kits that heal them. That makes sense since for the droids and not only that, the fusion cutters can be used as close range weapons that cuase damge to vehicles and enemie units.Very creative on the team's part.
-All space maps have new stats/weapons on the star fighters. Every star fighter has a different feel to it, even the AT-TA Gunship has some pretty unique features. I literally feel like wanting to fly each ship to see how they feel/operate. For the GCW side I didnt see any transport ships, however they are replaced with the rebel v-wing and imperial tie defender. both have unique stats that make them feel pretty legit to the movies/other games.
-No crashing so far.

some downsides
-Little things like character model cloting glitching/folding inward a tiny bit for the duros mercinary.
-misplaced sound files for a few commands.
-droideka being nerfed super slow .
-Some droid classes need to not look so plain. Coloration for technicians/assualt/sniper classes is highly suggested.
-chargable semi automatic weapons are a nice touch, however the stun beam needs to be centered/lowered more. The effect doesnt look like it hits my target correctly.

My verdict, This is good. I would give this a perfect score however I would like to see fixes through a patch.


Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

Mod review - 2 agree - 3 disagree

This Mod definably has a lot of content. however this is a doulbe edged Swrod. On the postive note, you get a lot more units and maps. If your bored of the regular version of SWBF2 then this might be what you are looking for. kotor mod era is probaly the best done part of this mod. Skins for that era are well done as well as the classes thmeselves for sith and republic sides.

Now the negitive note, This is one huge file. Its takes up 3-4 gigs of memory and you need to change your settings just so certian maps dont crash. Some of these maps are not as great as some people claim it to be. There are deffinably bugs here and there even if you do download the 2.2 patch. The units are...well look at it this way, sure there are more units but some of them are lazied down reskins of other characters. There is almost no variaty in special class weapns other than a slower cheaper version of pistols. Some of these character models are out dated by now and dont look very good. The hero characters...a lot of time are lazy reskins just thrown in. At first it seems like all the content makes up for it, but in the long run you will long for something more.

Installing can be a pain if you have a laptop or a less than decent computer. So my verdict is that there are far too many negatives than positves. So unless your a really big Battlefront fan, give it a try. However if you download this expecting for most thing to be perfect, then your time is best spent downloading "The ultimate clone Wars Mod" or Marvel4's BF1 conversion mappack which offers the most up to date BF1 maps with extra enviroment features and is 5xtimes smaller and easier on your computer.

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