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I've been working on my game SubTerra for a while now and I've grown a bit tired of the game.
Various bugs have been testing my patience and my rage meter is building... At this point I often like to switch projects. Focus on something else. Let my mind relax and forget my frustration. And right now I'm going to start programming again in my first game. A game called Ceres. Ceres is a space simulator, a blend of Sid Meier's Pirates! and Homeworld.
Its a full 3d game. With space travel in all dimensions in combat. Point and click system. You can modify you ship with various weapons and modules. Fight and loot your enemies and trade with various spacestations. The game is divided into two play areas. The Solarsystem and combat system.
The solarsystem is strict 2d movement. Although you can rotate the camera fully 3D. The combat area is full 3d movement and camera movement.
The player must manage energy og his ship and monitor armor and structure. The Armor is divided into six areas. Top, bottom, left right, front back. So you can, rotate a undamaged section of your ship to your enemy to prevent structural damage.

The game takes place in a Solarsystem that is experiencing some instability due to a malfunctioning Jump Gate.
The Jump Gates are of an ancient construct, so no one knows how to fix it. That's where the player comes in.

I will be putting up a page for Ceres in the near future and Release a playable demo to show how combat works, movement in 3D space and some ship designs.

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