I'm a french player in his thirties. I've played hundred GoldSrc/Source maps and mods, since 2006. I was here when HL1 was announced at E3 1997 and when it was released in november 1998. I've also sub-translated Cry of Fear in french. I'm usually friendly in my reviews because mod's are free and need hard work from usually amateurs. However, I'm a diehard opponent towards mods put on sale, becoming retail games. Donation is a better system for this kind of things.

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Hunt Down The Freeman

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

This is beyond words...


Entropy : Zero

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This one is an interesting fella, which I can basically summarize in a few words : PROSPEKT for free.
(but better than Prospekt, in fact).

with the old "one man army" development flaws we see here and there (the Gate 1/2, Focalpoint, ...), where beta testing seems unrealized and unforgivable bugs, uncorrected.

Despite all of these, I'll give this one a PIN because the overall quality, be it maps, story, or gameplay, is really above average and we can clearly see the dev' put a lot of work and time into this.

First of all, it's the better of all the "Play As Combine/the bad guy" mod, even better than Human Error (because this one was also "unfinished" in the end), where you're put in the shoes of a Metrocop, killing Citizens and Headcrab, in another City, not City17, but the snowy and deserted City10 touched by a "plague".

What's interesting is that each chapter is a different story/gameplay where you have to use different tactics to win, be it "stealth" when faced against numerous reprogrammed turrets, or to follow your only source of light : a feeble Stalker in dangerous corridors.

So, yes, the difficulty : who is meant to play ENTROPY ZERO? Is that those casual gamers nowadays? Or veteran 30/40 years old players who followed HL1 and/or HL2 since one or two decades?
As I've played more than one hundred mod's, I've seen so much worse in difficulty.

In fact, there are two kind of difficulties : one that is based on "skills", in the likes of the low armor/health, numerous waves of enemies, sometimes in infinite respawn...
These one can be tough... Not the worse, again, I've seen. It's not Black Death, the Gate, or else.
It's "fair" but you've to be "skilled".

The other one is "unfair" difficulty : it takes the form of that now infamous Stalker section where the Barnacle tongues sometimes disappear, and the Stalker dies for apparently "no reason", or some bugs here and there like in the final battle,
or some fights where you absolutly don't know what to do and you die because... ignorance.

But, in the end, it has so many "wow" moments, such as the ride to the Citadel, the Citizens dumping the characted (thought to be dead) in a hole with other dead Cmb, and the final part with the "bad" Vort threatening to destroy everything, corrupting a Hunter to his side, and numerous light and SFX effects such as those "liquid" effects during the final battle, it was great, really...

Too bad many players will give up because the "unfair" difficulty parts... The "skilled" parts are more a problem of a generation...

But, overall, don't give up on this mod, or maybe wait for the next update, which will probably correct the flaws of this version...

It's worth, really, worth, the time.



Dark Interval

Early access mod review - 1 agree

Here is my review about DARK INTERVAL.

I'm amazed, in fact Cvolaxury and A-Shift "twisted" the HL2 Beta concept as we've seen it on Missing Info 1.6 or other (unreleased) mod's, they took the scrapped concept and compiled back into their own perception of the beta story.

Rather taking on the classic FPS path where Gordon starts almost "naked" and gradually gets stronger to fight enemies, here - at least for the four chapters -,
Gordon stays as a feeble character, weaponless - or near - , like a mouse trapped in a house full of cats.

Indeed, there are virtually no fights beside some headcrabs, and the greatest battles are fought in a virtual simulation of manhacks "arcade", which are "bonus" and don't affect the rest of the story.

In fact, it reminds me a lot of GSTRING, that HL2 mod which evolved into "cult classic" - a status I think Dark Interval can also quickly gain.

Like GSTRING, DI also has - and it's the main point of interest - insanely HUGE map's... City 17 never felt so opressing, mind-crushing, like it is here, it has many "wow" moments, from the beginning in the docks with the Borealis, to the glimpses of the ever-present Citadel and also the Skyscraper.

Dark Interval isn't dark just in its title, it's also a "dark" feeling/ambiance you get throughout the mod, that eerie sensation we can feel, as a lonely guy lost against an enemy too much powerful to handle...

even thought the dev's managed to make it feel "alive" with many scripted sequences and newly recorded dialogue, which felt very VALVe-like!!! , but the "life" felt also in some scenes like the factory with all those workers, an abandoned bar, etc etc...

Clearly a huge piece of work.

Finally, the mod managed to resurrect and put back in place some "cut content" in the likes of the Cremator (and you'll get to use his FlameGun - a nod to the heat/ice gameplay intended for Ep3???), the Vort-Cells, etc...

Well, amazing, indeed, a great mod destined, when it'll be complete, to be remembered perhaps in the top 10 greatest Source mod's.

For now, it's a very interesting and promising first part, which will surely gets better and better in the future.

For example, there are still "flaws" like no lipsync (will be added later), the Consul is still Dr Breen, etc... But it's very minor problems.

I will finish the review with the HIGHLIGHT of this first part : the amazing Combine "Imperial March" just before the Combine Arcade. Full of promises of future threats! :)


Half-Life 2: Aftermath

Mod review - 4 disagree

For the moment it's a bit messy and short but it's The best available and, more important, playable, in-game information about Episode 3.



Mod review

Half Stories: The last breath

Mod review - 3 agree

It's bad. It's too short, bland, gameplay is weak, this is very low level modding.

Furthermore, the title and teasing are misleading, there is no intro, no story, nothing.


The Evasion

Mod review


Mod review

Nice GoldSrc mod more brains than brawls.


SHOOTA 4: Shoot is Life

Mod review - 2 agree

Would you kindly delete yourself?


Xeno Project I & II

Mod review

A really well done mod, not too long, not too difficult, with a good story (evil Gman who gets what he deserves!), various places to visit, various challenges, 2 endings...

An understimated cool mod.

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