I'm a french player in his thirties. I've played hundred GoldSrc/Source maps and mods, since 2006. I was here when HL1 was announced at E3 1997 and when it was released in november 1998. I've also sub-translated Cry of Fear in french. I'm usually friendly in my reviews because mod's are free and need hard work from usually amateurs. However, I'm a diehard opponent towards mods put on sale, becoming retail games. Donation is a better system for this kind of things.

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Entropy Zero - released as a Stand Alone (for free) on Steam, a "play as Combine" great mod (but with unfair difficulty, sometimes) with an amazing Grand Finale, where you play as a Metrocop in City 10, plagued with the "Combine flu".

Dark Interval - the "MOTY" IMHO, a dark and amazing take on the concepts of Beta HL2.

Aftermath - an interesting compilation of scrapped "Episode 3" concept's, the best experiment people can have about the (cancelled????) HL3/Episode 3.

Hunt the Cunt - GoldSrc mod still alive and kickin'.

Half Life :

YELLOW SHIFT- Not dead but STILL sloooooooowly developed. Don"t miss my yearly comment in 2018!

TIME'S END- Dev' told us 25 Aug 2017 "The first 20 maps are linked as of a couple of days ago. Loads more to go. I'm not going to set a release date, since I feel terrible for letting people down when I said "2015" on the trailer. But I am still working on it when I find the time."

THE CORE - updated regularly, but still no release date... At this point, I clearly don't know "when" and "if" it'll be relased.

THE VOLCANO- Last update in april 2016... and absolutly nothin' since that time.

MONORAIL QUEST - Beta-version is currently building!

HALF LIFE DELTA- maybe "end of the year" release?

CAT LIFE- still waiting after a more than 12 year long development (hell)... Currently on hold :/

BRUTAL HALF LIFE- Some updates showing us it's still alive. But no news about the next release.

Half Life 2 :

UNDERHELL CHAPTER 2- Dead for now :/ Moving on UE4....

OPERATION BLACK MESA/GUARD DUTY- Still updated, but "when it's done" for a release date...

LOST SQUAD- Indie project on Steam. When it's done...

GSTRING VERSION 2- When it's done... but we see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Spring 2018?

CUBE -When it's done...

THE STARGATE MOD- Nearly finished... or not...

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