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So this is funny,

last year I thought about making for myself a HL-themed birthday cake as it was the 20th year of HL1, and My birthday is 10 days after the day of HL1’s release.

But THE CAKE WAS indeed A LIE because of busy schedule,

and as a result I had to postpone this cake to this year. Maybe as a personal final nail to the coffin of our beloved franchise.

So 1 month ago I ordered this cake... and while it was supposed to mark HL’s funeral since 2 years with Laidlaw’s Epistle 3 script, finally it marked the resurrection of this saga...

of course you’ll have my traditional 2019 top and flop and 2020’s mods, but I think this was important to highlight that after 12 years,

these things, they really take time;

and hopefully it will be worth the wait (or the weight).

and also how the f*** I’m supposed to pay for this VR headset?

I can’t say I’m really 100% hyped. I really lost all hope 2 years ago with Epistle 3. Now my feelings are a bit mixed, really, I’m as hyped and excited as doubtful and bitter about all those years of silence and having left all those people in the dark, and now come back with an exclusive VR seemingly HL’s prequel. It’s like living again all the HL2’s waiting again, with being forced to use Steam and have internet, now with VR.

wait and see....


Happy birthday!

Glad that the cake is not a lie this time :)

Have a safe and very productive year!

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