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This is actually a pretty solid game. There are a few facets of this that are pretty rough, like the fact that you can ride right off of the map and hitting escape crashes the game (although this could be a personal issue), this game is free and i've actually spent a considerable amount of time ******* around within it for such a barebones title.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

As far as the current build goes, even as an alpha it would be a solid indie release, if rough and slightly buggy. Project Zomboid surpasses most other zombie-themed games in that it is survival to the core. Whilst most similar games toting a "survival" mechanic usually boil down to saving your ammo, Project Zomboid requires that you go about your daily schedule as you would; eating, drinking, sleeping, even keeping yourself entertained. The twist, of course, is the inclusion of zombies.

The zombies, even for an alpha stage, have fairly clever AI. If they hear you or see you, they'll come at you. Even if you take cover out of line of sight or in a safe-house, they'll smash the windows or the doors and flood in. This game is great at making you feel tense and helpless, because you'll have paltry supplies of food, drink, and weaponry - especially when the generators burn out and the plumbing starts to fail. You will need to make trips to the wells and start farms, and survive as one of the last remaining humans.

The reason this game isn't perfect yet is because it's unfinished. There is lots of room left for the developers to either funnel more love and devotion into this game, or neglect it, and only time will tell if it will really deliver on some of its ambitious promises.

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