I'm generally of the opinion that in nearly any situation in nearly any game a simple handgun will do wonders. Often it just feels overlooked and that makes me sad. But one day you will see the light. Even if i have to send every last one of you bastards there myself. (◣_◢) But in all seriousness, I came over here from steam ever since I started piling up more and more desura keys from Humble Bundle and Indie Royale and such. I am just testing the place out. So now that I see a cool moding and indie community here, I think I might like it here. Hmm this gives me an idea. From this day forward, I offer my services as a voice actor to anyone who needs one. Just get a hold of me any way you guys feel like. I work cheap and often even for free, or small snacks or something, maybe loose change and pocket lint.


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