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I have been working on a storyline for a game I'm planning to create somewhere in the future. This is a part of the storyline- it's a part of a part (part-ception FTW) of the diary of the bad guy:

Gas project: day 001
A few weeks ago I found that there is an abandoned gas project in Bunker 46. The gas was meant to work as a deadly but pleasant hallucinogen. Based on the research, I made before I decided to visit the bunker, I assume they failed to make it deadly. I'm visiting the bunker next week.

Gas project: day 007
I have arrived at the bunker.
There is something strange in the air...
If they are not lying, my assumption is correct - they failed to make the gas deadly. The idea was to make the hallucinations not allow the ones who are poisoned to notice that there is something in the air. They have been trying to make it deadly for months, but they can't remember why they abandoned it... But, why?
The dwellers set me up with a nice room. They even agreed to allow me to work all alone. Thous guys are too kind! I wouldn't be surprised if their gas causes people to become too kind.
There are pieces of broken glass on the lab's floor, and the air is stranger (if the strangeness of the air was the strength of the smell, in this room the smell would be stronger). Hmmm...

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