Been drawing since I was just a 'lil Gabriel. But I always knew that making a living out of art was kinda hard, specially here. So, I've kept looking for other ways to make a living out of creativity. That's why I've became a computer scientist. A profitable way of being creative: Programming. Currently I'm the artist and coordinator of development to a low budget company where we produce educational games. On my spare time I work on my game on Steam, Guy VS The Wicked and Nefarious Land. Any feedback is welcome. Cheers!

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This Saturday (21) we went for the very first games fair promoted by FATEC – Faculdades de Tecnologia de São Paulo – on Tatuí. Lucas have arranged for us to show our game to a bigger public, since now we’ve just shown it to a few selected people. And I must say that I loved it! We’ve got a nice incoming of new players and the feedback was really positive, even better than I’ve expected. Most played for an average of 40 minutes, wich is quite a lot considering we brought a beta to them and that beta had, roughly, one hour and a half of gameplay. And people really liked what they played. Nothing can replace the joy I felt seeing people enjoy our game and I really hope that even more people enjoy it once we release.

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