Starting out modding when I was young and still going, have never really seen a project through to finish, but have several large projects I hope to start pages for and continue working with as I still have all the files from all or most of my recent large projects over the years. Current focus is the Expanded Galaxy Project.

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"As there's a hard limit for new placeables in KotOR1 with very few spaces left, has that affected your porting of TSL modules to KotOR1?" - @Sith Holocron on - Great question! Got me thinking ^^

My thought was to just bypass the problem by completely porting the first game to the second game as a total conversion.

Would also make sense as it would require users to port some files from the first game themselves ( exe, dlls, inis, music, sounds and movies ) and allow me to make an ultimate KotOR 2 install and Launcher that can start both games.

My first thoughts were to include the dialog.tlk file in the second games and increase all references / entries to it for the first game but trying to include it separately and having it handled by the launcher might be a better option, it should drastically decrease the install size, remove the need for porting of the second games maps altogether and allow for easy module creation for both game using just one installation made of an original install of both games and a mod, should also allow for easy patching to update for other mods as the dialog.tlks will be kept separate.

This shouldn't go against any issues raised as it would require both games from the user and manually copied files as well as the second game to begin with and would avoid conflict as well as save me the trouble of having to fix the Telos, Dxun and Dantooine Maps from the second game and instead creating copies of the modules as any guide would show you how to do.


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