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When I'm in bed I usually don't fall asleep until I think up something. Gaming isn't always the topic, but in this case it was. I thought up a Half-Life 2 singleplayer mod in which the player is on a team of npcs that have a certain "class". Think of it as a sort of TF2 clone with npcs, and yellow and green teams. The objectives for each level will be different.
Alright, here are the npc ideas, and being the cut content fanboy that I am, I'll be using some coding from Insolence once the mod is done.

conscripts - The lowest and most expendable, have a measly 30 HP
-Use city citizen models with jumpsuits that correspond to their team color
-carry pistols and shotguns.

grunts - The footsoldiers who decided not to turn around and run screaming when they were conscripts. Have 60 HP.
-Somewhat Ironically use the conscript model, clothing corresponds to team color.
-Better equipped than conscripts, carry OICWs and SMG1s

officers - These guys are officers, they passed the officer exams to become officers, and what did they get? Uncomfortable gas masks and silly darth vader-sounding voice changers They rally not-so-brave conscripts and send them off proudly to their deaths. Have 50 HP
-Use Metrocop model, and I bet you can't guess what their clothes do involving their team color.
-Carry pistols and smg1s
-Accompanied by squads of conscripts

- The socially awkward always aim better.
-Use the gasmask citizen model, corresponding clothes to team color
-Use annabelles and RPGs
-Have "long vision/shoot" spawn flag in hammer
-Prefer elevated areas rather than the front lines, obviously.

elites - These sons of bitches just decided to go above and beyond in the field. They were rewarded with what they describe as "cool voice changers" and "comfortable gas masks".
-Use the combine soldier model, corresponding colors and shit, dawg.
-Equipped with smg1, shotgun, oicw, and pulse rifle

I will probably add more details on this once Insolence is finished, which could take a while.

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