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So I borrowed this game on the xbox360 from a friend of mine who really loved it. I've been playing for a while and am level 20 however I get stuck sooo much!

While it's a really awesome RPG game with interesting plot and storyline developments, with great RPG aspects (levelling up a main one there) I feel that it is somewhat lacking in the quest department. that's not to say a lack of quests, merely a lack of explanation of the quests. I know what I have to do but whether or not I can get to the location is another matter as the objective markers and the map system is just awful! one of the worst maps i've ever seen in a game, this has severly impeded my play of this game and has forced me now to sit with a walkthorugh guide to know what the hell to do and where to go.

If a game forces you to do this then I think they have really not done their testing all that well, Either that or i'm really stupid, which could be a reason...I suppose. I thought that during the game testing period they ask the testers about all aspects, how none of them picked up on the terrible map and quest locations is beyond my capability to percieve!

In any case i certainly am enjoying the game but I wish there was a more frequent auto-save as well since I tend to die a lot and end up reloading 30minutes of game play back. Very irritating game but also very big and very good.

I'd recomend this game to anyone who likes RPG's and isn't afraid to give up when the going gets tough, because that happens a lot in this game.

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