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Wilson Chronicles

Mod review

Battlefield2 High Definition User Interface [WIP]

Mod review - 2 agree

This is a mod that does exactly what it advertises, and I can't rate this any lower than a 9/10. The new HD textures capture the same look and feel of the originals whilst not removing the true essence of BF2's hud. It is almost like what I did with my player skins! :)

I really wish to see this mod in its final state!

Good job!


Far Cry 2

Game review - 5 agree - 1 disagree

Brilliant game from a very good game developer company. If you love open world games, especially FPS games, then this would be something that you will love. This game throws you into a hostile environment and basically anything can kill you; from malaria to hang-glider crashes. You will have to survive by relying on the only few weapons you have that can be by times, not really reliable after all, and as well as your buddies that can bust you out of a firefight when needed. This game is in my opinion far better that Far Cry 3 due to the fact that this game is very much stripped to only the basics you will have when in a similar real-life setting: You, your environment, your half-rusted weapon, and the few diamonds you have. No crafting or any resource gathering can be done here, which is cool because it keeps the game simplistic and your mind on the mission, which is to kill the Jackal.


-Large playable zone

-Many side missions

-Variety of sub-zones (forests, deserts, savannahs etc.)

-Good graphics

-Vast spectrum of different firearms

-Many ways to do your missions through your own approach

-Realistic landscapes and environments

-Interesting missions

-Long campaign and can be replayed without feeling repetitive

-Afrikaans speaking mercs, and overall a lot of South African reference


-Somewhat weird AI

-Stealth system could be made better eg. stealth meter, stealth melee kills

-Lack of more hidden weapons like the golden AK

-Lack of hostile animals

-Handheld guns could be made more realistic; reloads are unrealistic and the AK-47's receiver is on the wrong side like on Counter-Strike.

-Should have more desert playable areas like between the two zones

-No mod support; this one makes me cry the most



Half-Life: Update MOD

Mod review - 2 agree

This mod adds what was missing from the core game. So I can't think of giving this mod less that 10/10.

I also can't wait to see subtitles for Opposing Force and Blue Shift!

Keep up the neat work!


Black Mesa

Mod review

BF2142: Single Player Experience

Mod review

Battlefield 1941

Mod review

CS: Survivor 2

Mod review



Crysis Revival V3.99 + C MOD

Mod review

Forgotten Hope 2

Mod review
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