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It seems that a spreading epidemic here on Moddb is the constant amount of Mod Developers feeling the need to promote their own website here. Most of these web sites are poorly made, hard to navigate and they all look the same. When MDs do this, they will also cut off all forms of technical support for their mod on Moddb. If you were to ask about a bug problem you had in their mod, you're comment would get deleted and they would tell you to go to their website to ask about this instead. This is an attempt to traffic more people from Moddb to their own website. i don't know about anyone else but I find this extremely annoying and unnecessary. I'm not sure why Moddb does not regulate this sort of thing, but I honestly think they should start.


Yea and then they ask us to register on their forums for updates, what's wrong with moddb can't they just use it as that is what it's for.

I don't bother with their own websites, it's probably just so they can make themselves think they're better or more professional than others. I simply don't care about private sites so these people should just use moddb from now on.

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Since you're rude and immature and like to abuse modders calling them "*****" over **** you know nothing about, you would't even deserve an answer, but since you're also clueless, I'll try to explain, so maybe you get a bit of a clue and be a bit less of a whiny spoiled brat. Though judging by your age and overall manners, I seriously doubt it...

TLD mod, for instance, does not have an own site. We use a forum on MBX, which is run by other people, none of us have anything to do with it, has no adds whatsoever, so there's absolutely no need to drive any trafic there, cause noone makes a penny off it.

Secondly, speaking of pennies, modding isn't a paid job. It's done for fun. So far our mod's gotten over 2 million downloads, and none of us got a penny. Therefore no modder really owes you any tech support at all. We make a mod for the fun of making it (even though putting 5 years of our lives with several hours daily of work wasn't always pure fun), put it on ModDB for people to download easily and then want to get back to our lives. Where on Earth did you get the notion that we're somehow required to spend the next few years checking if anyone has a problem, and answering their questions? Most of us are adults, have real jobs, families and kids. Just because we did a mod at one point of our lives, does not mean we have to keep the service up for ever. In fact even professional game companies don't always offer tech support.


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In our particular case, from over 20 people that were involved in making the mod, only 2 or 3 remain, of which only 1 is still actively modding TLD. We ask people to direct their questions to MBX forum because of two things. Firstly, because there is a chance they'll not be spoiled brats feeling they must be serviced personally and immediately and will actually look at the forum if their question has been answered before (95% chance it was), and secondly, because there is a lot more people congregating at the forum, modders and players alike, who know the game and its quirks and are a lot more likely to answer them quicker than on ModDB.

Also, ModDB'c comment system is clunky and unsearchable. There are over 1380 comments on TLD's first page alone. Did you or does anyone actually ever bother to check them a few pages back if their problem has perhaps already been solved? No. Which is another reason most modders, not just us, hate using ModDB for answering questions.

So, you better get over yourself there, cause your hating is totally misplaced...

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