Hey, I'm theJar, and I'm a somewhat geeky person. I'm also a musician and I really enjoy participating in musicals and drama. Basically I'm unique and I try to be unique, I don't want to form into what the world wants me to, and I don't necessarily want to fit into a social group. Violin is my favorite insturment, my all time favorite game is VVVVVV, Rush is my favorite band, and I also enjoy many other types of media. Some of my favorite Television shows are Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Psych, Chuck and various other television shows. I enjoy reading and my favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft. I obviously like video games, but Indie games are my favorite kind of video games. I've kinda' wanted to work on an indie game, but I simply don't have the skills necessary to work on them as of the current moment. Maybe sometime in the future.

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Very enjoyable, easy to get the hang of, and it is challenging at times. It's a chill puzzle game with neat tracks and I definitely reccommend checking it out.



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The first time I played this game, I fell in love with it. The fantastic music and the awesome style of the game are just two of the major reasons I love it so much. The gameplay is fast paced, difficult, and a ton of fun. I have yet to try more custom levels, but from what little I've played around with the level editor it's easy to use and functional. I very highly recommend this game and it is very easily worth the $5 you would be spending on it.


1000 Amps

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I have not completed this game, but I would like to say it is extremely fun and the desgin is awesome. It's beautiful to look at and the sound design is nice. The only complaint I have about the sound is that one of the enemies (don't know if they have names or not) is extremely noisy and somewhat overpowers all the other sounds in the game. I highly reccommend this game and am hoping to complete it sometime!



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I like the concept of the game, but it wasn't particularly exciting or interesting. It is rather well made, it is entertaining, and it is smooth, but I don't have the desire to play this game over and over.

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