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Making a mod

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Making a Mod is easy at first, have an Idea, put it on paper, start. You get the Idea, but then you hit a bug, and thats when I start to go FUCKING CRAZY!!! But after the many many many long dreadful seconds, minutes days and even weeks in my case, it was worth it. But then the reviews come in, some are like "we love you man, pwease make another, please please please can you make another man", fucking suck ups, then theres the ones that don't make sense, for example "I realy luv this mod man dude, maybe we can be friends, but theres something wrong with the mod, it does'nt have purple flying ninja penguins in it, its a great mod that I love and want to be your friend becuase of it, but you need flying viking ninja penguins, that are also purple, or I can't be your friend, Ok man, see you around, you friend, Fuckwit", those are just a waste of Fucking time, but the real bad ones are the ones that say "I Hate You" or "Go kill your self" and "You suck and so does your MUM", the list continues but I can't be fucked, so thanks for reading this pointless blog and I'm not giving you the time of you life you just wasted reading this back, I'm going to keap it in my underpants draw for safe keeping.

bye bye now.

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