I find the lack of community on here depressing, but I still made an account on here for cheap and free indie games. I'm a community college student who likes computers, video games, anime, cartoons, and other nerdy stuff. I'm not a competitive gamer, and mostly prefer single-player and co-op games, though I do play Team Fortress 2 a bit.

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Gone Home is a short indie game by The Fullbright Company that may be short, but is a great experience that I feel people should give a try. The story and atmosphere in this game is amazing and will keep you wanting to play and find out more about the story. I can see why Adam Sessler has made this his personal game of the year of 2013.

There isn't really music in the game other than the tapes and record you find around the house to play. The sounds that you do hear really help with the atmosphere, especially if you immerse yourself in the game. The graphics of the game are pretty good for being an indie title. The gameplay is pretty basic. You just walk around the house and click on items and explore. While you do this, you find out more and more about the story. The game is pretty short, so I recommend taking it slow. Explore the house fully and try to immerse yourself into the game. It makes the experience better

I didn't really find many issues or bugs in the game, which is great. The only issue I had while playing the game was my anti virus not letting the game display properly. The anti virus I used was Avast and if you use the same anti virus, I recommend deleting it before playing the game. The game is only about two hours long, so you can just re-download Avast after you finish it.

Even though I thought the game was great for what it was, I cannot recommend paying full price for it. Twenty dollars is quite a lot of money for a game that is only about two horus long. I got it on sale for less than seven dollars, and I felt that price was more fair. If I had to give this game a rating, I'd give it a 9/10.

If you are interested, I recommend watching this interview that Adam Sessler did with Steve Gaynor who was the designer for the game.
Interview: Youtube.com

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