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Duke Hard

Mod review

Duke Nukem Army

Mod review

I just can't play this mod, as much as I want to like it. Nonstop mortars, inconsistent enemy damage, irreversible player dismemberment, unexplained insta-kills- pretty much renders this thing unplayable, even from the starting two levels. Sure, it's fun blowing grunts away with assault rifles, light machine guns, and such, but when I have to worry about randomly getting dismembered or instantly killed by a mortar or getting my arms inexplicably blown off by some guy taking potshots from his spawn ten feet behing me, I don't get to experience that fun very often.


Max Payne@University

Mod review

It's got a dumb story and bad voice-acting, and was a bit more computer-demanding than most other mods, but the combination of the awesome environments, guns, and Kung-Fu fueled acrobatics made this one well worth the download.


7th Serpent: Crossfire

Mod review - 1 agree

Great mod, tons of insane action, explosions, and a few new weapons in an excellent looking environment. My only complaint was the ludicrously annoying fight in the end with two helicopters coming at you back to back. They take INSANE amounts of bullets to drop and fire a never-ending stream of hard-to-dodge bullets and near impossible to dodge high-damage rockets. Almost no cover that isn't either potentially explosive or all that protective in this location, too. All of this made this firefight turn the game into an act of frustrating drudgery. Aside from that, fun to play through and recommended.

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